I spent the Fourth of July last week with one of my closest girlfriends, Kristen, at her house in New Jersey. We’d had plans to go to the beach but unfortunately it rained until about 5pm.

So in lieu of sand, we went to Wegman’s and bought all the food (pictured above) and grilled back at her house. We also watched The House at the End of the Street (so good!) and a documentary called The Woman Who Wasn’t There (also: so good!). 

Later that night we drove over to Manasquan Beach and walked the super adorable board walk. We saw fireworks a ways away in Asbury Park and that was more than sufficient enough for me. Soon enough we headed back to consume more chips and Oreos (because, America!) and watch Zodiac

It was a good Fourth of July. Obviously: there were no tourists. 


American Idiot2004 – Green Day: I mean, really?  What did you really think I’d post on the Fourth of July?  I’ve posted this one here before but I decided it’s appropriate for today too.  Click here to watch the video if you’re bored and want a blast from the past.  I’ll be watching the fireworks tonight from a roof on 27th and 12th.  Have a great Fourth! 🙂

Happy Fourth of July!  Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane and visit the Fourth of July’s Past.  

In 2007, I was studying abroad in London and my school threw us a party at The Phoenix (if I remember correctly, it was near Leicester Square).  I felt kind of cheesy celebrating the Fourth in London, so we renamed it “The Day They Got Rid of Us Party.” I think I remember leaving our back room in the bar and drinking a large portion of a bottle of wine with my friend Emily…

In 2008, I found myself in Florence, our third and final stop in Italy on the tour I was on as a graduation present to myself after graduating.  It was our final night and we went to a club called (as far as I can remember), “Discoteque.”  I probably massacred both the name and the spelling.  I think there were many American tourists there that night because they released red, white, and blue balloons during the night (see above), and there was karaoke’ing on the bus ride there to “Born in the USA” (see above).  Many good drunk times were had.

I could not remember what I did in 2009 for the Fourth of July.  Then when someone mentioned the fireworks to me, I remembered watching them last year… on the TV at Destination.  That’s all I really remember.  

This year my friend Lindsay is throwing a picnic in Central Park and then some of us might go see what the crowd is like on 59th and 12th (because one of our friends wants to see the fireworks in person very much, and I’m really awesome and getting through crowds).