On Saturday night, since Amanda needed a reason to leave the house, a few of us on the Upper West Side rallied together after a considerably lazy Saturday and made our way to Fred’s Restaurant (83rd and Amsterdam) for dinner.    Now this literally IS a place I’ve walked by a hundred times and after having contemplated going in about 100 times, I always keep going.  I was excited to try it after having read that they have amazing macaroni and cheese.  

We had a fifteen minute wait and had drinks at the bar in the meantime.  I was served sangria is a TUMBLER (only $8!).  "That’s going to end well,“ remarked Amanda.  The bar area has the atmosphere akin to a college bar.  The wait was quick and we were seated in the main room – which is covered in pictures of dogs (hence the establishments name!).  We were served fresh(-ish) bread and ordered after a quick-look at the menu.  One Yelp reviewer was right – the food did a long time to come, but after being in one-too-many restaurants where my food came out in ten minutes (meaning it was prepared and not fresh by any means), I’ve become okay with waiting for my food.  Fresh food is better than quick food.

The macaroni and cheese was delicious!  Supposedly the turkey burgers were fantastic as well.  I definitely want to go back to Fred’s at some point to try the salads, and possibly the turkey burger.