One of the reasons I love living in New York City is that you never know what’s going to happen that day. You could hear about Paul McCartney playing a surprise, free concert in Times Square at 1pm a half-hour before but by the time you make it to your car in the suburbs, it’s over. 

I was busy doing work when an email from a coworker popped up in my inbox with a link to an article about the surprise concert and the note, “I know you like The Beatles. This is happening. In 40 minutes.” I threw on my jacket and walked two avenues west to find people gathering in front of a flatbed truck on 46th and Broadway. There were maybe 50 people milling around but by 1pm, the crowd grew to what you see pictured.

Around 1:15, they opened the side of the truck and Sir Paul and his musicians came out. He played five songs off his new album and that was that. 

So, the suburbs can keep their McMansions and cheap cost of living. I’ll choose a free Paul McCartney concert any day.