After a delicious meal at Sauce on the LES, my best friend and I walked up to The Bitter End to watch my friend from high school’s (that him, with the microphone) band, Coalition play. We reminisced about New Years Eve 2008 when we watched some forgettable band play at The Bitter End, drank cheap, shitty beer, and took the Long Island Rail Road home at 4am.

We made it for about half of their set. Their music I would say is a fusion of hip hop and alternative rock. Tim, the vocalist, raps, and the musicians are incredibly talented and rockin’. 

Their music is really interesting, and should you feel moved to give it a listen, check out their Facebook page

The night concluded at Dive 75 on the Upper West Side where we indulged in some no-name wine with some more friends.

It was a good Friday night.

On Friday night, Matt gathered a group of people like he usually does and we headed to the 7:30 show at Comix on 14th and 9th.  The show was great, and afterward Paul said he knew of a bar nearby that we should go to.  I was almost ready to jump ship at 14th and 8th, but I’m glad I didn’t.  After lots of u-turns and iPhone consulting, we finally found our way to Orient Express on West 11th Street.  

We grabbed the three tables-for-two in the front window and gazed at the menu.  The drinks were expensive but potent so they were well worth it.  We kept insisting, “This is our last one!” Famous. last. words.  So, then we ordered more.  "I’m going to spend all of my money on alcohol tonight!“ were other famous last words spoken multiple times.  There were lots of showtunes sung, laughter was abundant, and friends were made.  

The bar never got too crowded, as so many others are on Friday nights, so it was a relaxing night.  We finally decided to leave at 2am (probably because of our dwindling bank accounts).  I would definitely go back next time I’m with a group of people who don’t mind spending more than $5 on a drink.

All in all, a perfect Friday night.

Orient Express is located at 325 West 11th Street.