Macbar & Gimme Coffee!

There are so many independent cafes and restaurants down on the LES and I hate that I never get down there to try them.  A couple of weekends ago when I went down to Rockwood Music Hall, I made an evening out of it and decided to cross these two off my list. 

First there was Macbar, a tiny macaroni-shaped establishment located at 54 Prince Street.  It’s been open for a few months now and being a lover of all-things mac’n’cheese, I couldn’t resist.  I tried the “Classic,” I believe, which is made with American and cheddar cheeses.  It was delicious though quite heavy, and despite having ordered a small, I still had some to take home for lunch the next day. 

Next was Gimme Coffee, another hole-in-the-wall coffee shop located at 228 Mott Street (though they have several upstate locations and one in Williamsburg too).  I ordered a small chai latte and though I wasn’t overwhelmed, I wasn’t underwhelmed either.  A second tasting might be in order, but for now, I prefer the chai at Joe or Think

Next on my list is Earth Matters, then I’ll have to consult my list to see what’s next.  Any suggestions for LES restaurants or cafes?