Saw this for a third time tonight. I hadn’t seen it in over a year (since Rannell’s last performance) and I went tonight with one of my best friend’s who’s moving back to Florida on Tuesday, sadly. I will miss having him a phone call or text message away from hanging out, but we’ll still visit. We did meet when we were 11 and almost 20 years later, we’re still best friends.

I was nervous about Darren Criss but he was fantastic. I really enjoyed him just as much at NPH or Andrew Rannells. I was also ecstatic to see Rebecca Naomi Jones as Yitzhak. She was so wonderful, as always.

I love this score so much and have since I was 13. Watching Origin of Love or Midnight Radio live onstage will never, ever get old.

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MLK Jr. Day Antics

I was off from work yesterday. It was so nice. A three day weekend is always nice – even after a nearly two week break. This is how I spent it:

  • Meditated: 15 minutes as soon as I woke up. Namaste. 
  • Yoga: I went down to the SoHo Yogaworks for an advanced Hatha class with one of my favorite teachers who I haven’t taken a class with since December 2013 (she was pregnant and gave birth). It was so, so good to see her. 
  • Lunch: I met up with Ben for lunch and to get something that he let me use his Amazon Prime account to buy. We went to a deli on Thompson, caught up, and then headed to Ground Support (I had a green tea matcha latte with almond milk – SO GOOD).
  • Watched episode two of season four of GIRLS
  • Watched the 1/9 episode of Real Time With Bill Mahr. (It is one of my resolutions to watch it on the regular.) 
  • Watched Batman Returns (Michelle Pfeiffer was great!)
  • Made berry chia seed pudding. Nom.

Maybe not the most productive day off but I relaxed so I’m calling it a win.  

I made the (what I now realize may have been a) mistake of sending my ex a photocopied chapter of the book I’m currently reading that I thought he could really relate to.

Well, he emailed me today and rehashed again how he thinks he needs to be single now and how things never would’ve worked anyway, and blah, blah, blah. It took every bit of restraint I could muster up not to tell him to go fuck himself. And it’s not because I hate him, because I don’t. He just does this all the time and I’m over it. If he wants to play the victim and to get validation that how he acted was OK and that I forgive him, well, he’s not going to get it. Not yet, at least. 

But I didn’t say that. I didn’t tell him to go fuck himself. Instead I wrote back asking him to stop replaying the past to me every time we communicate (which has been few and far between in the weeks since things ended). The past is in the past. And I’m still processing my hurt and, to be blunt, pissed off feelings about the whole thing, but I’ll be OK. I’m working on it in therapy and in my meditation practice (which is, I can almost say this for sure, more than he’s doing).

I just keep telling him to be well, because, well, that’s all I really can do. 

Mr. Horvath! Yogi Bera!

I was invited to the opening night party for Bronx Bombers on Thursday night. I got to work on my “Chat With Strangers Until Your Friends Show Up” skills and conversed with some pretty interesting people. Before I headed out, I was able to snap this picture with Peter Scolari. He was pretty cool. He fist-pumped my friend and I. 

Total highlight of the week. 

Really, Really.

So, for the record, first, Zosia Mamet can act. And second: this is really, really late. I saw this piece at the end of February. Whoops. What can I say, life happens.

Maybe it’s because I went to see MCC’s Really Really with low expectations, but I left extremely moved. About a college girl from a poor background with a rich boyfriend and a now-bright future ahead of her. Then her life is turned upside down when she tells her boyfriend that she was raped by one of his teammates.

This was definitely a case of she-said, he-doesn’t-remember-because-he-was-blacked-out. And with one possible act of infidelity and another possible lie about rape, she begins to tear her life and the lives of those around her apart.

The play is frustrating in a you-don’t-know-who’s-lying kind of way. It’s frustrating but also leaves you with a lot to think about afterward.

Mamet definitely impressed. Her character in this was completely dark as compared to here overly-enthused one on Girls. And she was completely convincing too. Matt Lauria (from Friday Night Lights) was also very good (I’ve never watched FNL but onstage he was good).  

I saw this a few months ago, but I still felt the need to say it was an interesting, and at times intense, piece.

Good job, MCC. 

The Beginning of a Rainbow


Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Mostly with work, which I love regardless of the fact that I work 50-60 hour weeks now. I literally have no complaints. That also means that I get home at 7:30-8pm and crash (or crash after a yoga class at 9). So that hasn’t left a lot of time for show-going.

But that all changes this week and I’m stoked! On Thursday night I’ll be seeing Zosia Manet in MCC’s “Really Really.” I love Girls so this is super exciting in my mind. I’m excited to see what she can do onstage, even though I’ve read a synopsis of the play and I’m assuming her character will be pretty similar to the one on Girls

Later this week on Saturday, I’ll be trekking up to Hartford with some good friends to see the non-equity tour of American Idiot. It’s been about a year since I’ve seen the show live, so I’m looking forward to this treat. A reputable source claims that the Johnny on tour is the best he’s ever seen, so it should be good.

The trip to Hartford is far, and long. But to experience 90-minutes of punk rock bliss, it’s worth it.

Lastly: I’m going to either the second or fourth preview of Matilda next week. I’m REALLY stoked. Considering that this is THE show that will most likely (you heard it here first) sweep the TONYs, I’m so excited. 

So, let’s pray for a low-stress work week and lots of awesome theatre. 

This is about right. I’ve dated a few guys this year, and if they weren’t socially awkward nerds, they were assholes. A couple were really great guys, but I found myself getting bored and realizing the chemistry wasn’t there.

I started out dating this guy after a four-month conscious hiatus from dating. He lived far away (in Connecticut) and was emotionally tone deaf. My guy friends who met him had some choice words about him. 

For three weeks I made the mistake of dating someone who worked at the company that I was interning at – that was kinda/sorta/very bad. I had one date with a random OkCupid dude who was a touring trumpet player (and quite a good one!), and then a handful of dates with a “tech founder” who lived in his parent’s loft. He claimed to be broke all the time, but was always going out. Now I don’t care if you live in your parents incredibly cool apartment rent-free and get your money from them as long as you don’t walk around claiming to be poor. Because that’s just obnoxious.

There were two very good dates with a cute guy from OkCupid who decided we had nothing in common and that we shouldn’t continue hanging out. And the one date with a banker who was a registered Republican (I didn’t know this beforehand!) and likened date rape to circumcision. Then I spent the last couple of months dating a really great guy. We had things in common, mutual friends, and enjoyed each others company. It was pretty relaxed. No games, no second guessing. It was nice.

Who the hell knows what 2013 has in store. But it will definitely involve fewer Republicans and in-denial trust fund kids. I’m getting better at asking for what I want and not accepting bullshit. These are all positive things, methinks.

All adventurous women do.

I am a total nerd for the show GIRLS. I have commitment issues when it comes to television shows and I rarely start watching a new one. It takes a lot for me to watch a TV show every week (I don’t own a DVR) but I made time in my schedule for this. I rewatched half of the first season with my 60-year old cousin last Saturday with gelato from Screme. (Technically she’s my second cousin, once removed, but that’s neither here nor there.) She couldn’t relate to it, obviously, but she commented on how different times are now than they were when she was dating, and also about how real she thinks the show is.

I remember the first time I heard the name Lena Dunham. I had no idea who she was. I read some of the vitriol written on Gawker about the first episode (that spawned mostly due to the fact that Lena and her co-stars were privileged, and who were they to actually take advantage of that privilege?!) and I knew I had to watch it.

I did, and I loved it. I was obsessed.

I thought it was full of witty one-liners and there were situations and characters that I could relate to – at least partially.  I‘m semi-self obsessed (at times) and have a rough time getting over break-ups (like Marny). I have a vulgar mouth and sharp tongue (like Jessa). And I often think everyone is out to get me and I take advice from anyone who will dispense it (like Hannah). My favorite episode was, by far, the Crackcident (where the still above is taken from).

Yes, you can hate Hannah because she was 24-ish and her parents had to cut her off. Shoshana goes to NYU and doesn’t seem to worry about the student debt she’s incurring so we can assume her parents are footing the bill. You can moan and complain about the privilege that’s displayed in GIRLS, but it’s no worse than the privilege displayed on other channels. I’d echo my cousin’s sentiment that GIRLS is the most real show on TV. It’s certainly more real than anything that’s ever been on the CW network. 

Maybe it’s only relatable to girls.  Maybe it’s only relatable to girls in New York City. Whatever the case, as a girl in her [admittedly] mid-twenties, I still relate to much of what they go through (probably because I spent my early twenties in NYC too). You know you’ve totally dated a guy who’s slightly asperger-y but even though you can see that there are issues, you still want it to be more than casual (example: the last guy I dated). You’ve probably been hit on by the husband of a family you’ve babysat for in the past (not me, personally, but I’m assuming it happens more often than it should). You’ve totally smoked crack and then freaked out because you “matriculate at NYU.” (Again, not personally, but I feel like I would react the same way if I happened to smoke pot that turned out to actually be crack.)

I’m obsessed with GIRLS because it’s a show about a time in your life when you’re trying to get your shit together. You’re out of college, but don’t exactly know what you’re going to do with your life yet.  Even though I’m four years out of college, I still feel that way sometimes and I don’t think that’s unique to me. It’s an aspect of this generation that was sometimes privileged and then thrown into a job market when the economy was in deep shit.

And really, stop hating on Hannah. Would you refuse support from your parents to follow your dreams if they offered it? Some wouldn’t, but I think a majority would (I would).

Do you love it? Hate it? I’d love to hear what you think.