Ghost Tour in My ‘Hood

The day I left for Poland, I convinced J to buy tickets for the UWS Ghost Walking Tour on Halloween because I love walking tours (I did, like, 8 in Poland) and especially ghost ones! On Halloween nonetheless.

We met at the “Ghostbusters” building at 55 Central Park West (you know, the one Sigourney Weaver lives in) and there was one other person there, as well as our tour guide, an older man wearing a cape and a black hat. He looked the part, for sure.

During the 90 minute tour, we weaved through the streets from 65th and Central Park West back to 72nd and Central Park West. First we took a detour along 69th Street between Central Park West and Amsterdam. The neighborhood association shuts down the street every year and goes really insane. It was quite the scene to walk through. There are some photos after the jump…

Back to the Ghost Tour: It was a ghost tour along with some history thrown in. We saw the Masonic Temple on West 73rd Street; we heard a story about a single woman who lived at 234 West 72nd Street and liked to pick up men at the bar across the street and once was killed by one of them in that apartment; we heard the history of the grand Ansonia. Our guide also pointed out that the first ever automobile accident was at the corner of 74th and Central Park West where someone was hit by a car while getting out of a horse-drawn carriage. Supposedly if you stand in the middle of the street, you’ll feel the hand of the man who was killed pulling you back towards the sidewalk. The townhouses on the north side of 73rd Street were designed by Henry Hardenberg, who designed The Dakota and later The Plaza. Our guide also pointed out the building where supposedly the first rock’n’roll song was ever recorded in this country (”Rock Around the Clock”) and it later became condos and home to Lady Gaga’s parents and later Lady Gaga. He said he likes to think the spirits of those musicians had something to do with her musical talents. 

We ended at my favorite building in New York City – The Dakota. If you’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby, you’ll recognize it. It’s the only movie that was ever permitted to film inside the building. I watched with envy as we stood outside, listening to ghost stories, and watching the occasional resident run inside. Edward Clarke, the original owner of the building who died two years before it was finished, still haunts the building, we were told. There’s also the ghost of John Lennon, of course. And the ghost of a crying woman who can occasionally be seen.

The tour was less informative than some other walking tours I’ve been on, but it was still the perfect way to spend a chilly Hallow’s Eve.


Scandals and Secrets of the Supernatural: The Stories Behind Broadway’s Haunted Theatres

Some stories of the ghosts that haunt Broadway theatres to end your Halloween weekend with! 

Scandals and Secrets of the Supernatural: The Stories Behind Broadway’s Haunted Theatres

I was Audrey Hepburn, aka lazy, for Halloween. I had all of this in my closet except for the gloves which I had to go out and spend $8 on because I couldn’t find my pair that I totally remember packing. Whatever. 

My office takes Halloween pretty seriously so almost everyone was dressed up and they looked great. There were cupcakes for one of our founder’s birthdays (Sugar Sweet Sunshine, ordered by yours truly) and Digg In because one of our other founders is all about mindful eating, which I appreciate. Lots of spiked punch too. I’m feeling a bit under the weather lately so I came home after, watched Scream, Scream 2, and part of Scream 3 and went to sleep. 

It’s gross out today but I have to leave the house because I have a brunch date. The struggle is real. 

The Best Part

I recently realized, upon recognizing that I have no plans for the Fourth of July, that the best part of this “getting older” thing was Not Giving a Shit.

All throughout college, and even for a few years later, there were a few nights every year where I just had to have plans to feel cool. These nights included New Years Eve, Halloween, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. 

Now I view these days as days where something fun may go down, but they’re mostly just excuses to drink heavily at huge parties with lots of people who you probably don’t know and will never see again. This is why I don’t put much weight in making plans for these momentous occasions anymore. 

One of my good friend’s and his fiancee have a New Years Eve party every year that’s rather low key and lovely. And if I feel the need to eat BBQ on the Fourth or Memorial Day, I can order it (or cook it! – which has never happened but I know I’m capable of it).

When I see the Instagrams of girls in their early twenties getting dressed up to eventually be blacking out in the early hours of the next morning, I think, “Oh, it was fun, for sure,” when I didn’t know any better, but I’m glad as f*ck that it’s not my life anymore. 

Among other things I watched The Haunting when it came on the movie channels at my parents house this weekend. I saw The Haunting back in theatres in 1999 and loved it then, and apparently still love it now. It’s lacking gratuitous gore and torture porn of many modern day horror movies, and it’s a completely psychological mindfuck.  

This is the perfect movie for a rainy Friday or Saturday night, especially around Halloween. I highly recommend you find it on Netflix or in a not-yet-shuttered Blockbuster ASAP.