New Year’s Things

I just did 5 yoga classes in 3 days. I am sore and took today, Friday, off. I’m going in for one more class before the final holiday of the year tomorrow morning, which should kill me. My knee is acting up but I think it’s strained from overdoing it in King Arthur pose on Wednesday night so I’ll have to go easier.

I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions and I didn’t know what they should be. J said that because I’m doing yoga teacher training, and that’s a big commitment, that I should basically be absolved from making other ones, but I still wanted to think of something. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Volunteer more – this will likely be in the realm of volunteering with cats, something I’m already doing, but let’s do it some more, shall we?
  2. Go on Facebook less – like 15 minutes a day or less. If I have a question about something, I’ll just have to Google it or reach out to actual human people I know. Facebook is a super fucking waste of time and it makes people depressed, so let’s cut it out. 
  3. Read – I read 14 or 15 books this year. Let’s do it again in 2017. Or make it 20. Why not.
  4. Be healthier – Cook more, eat out less. Get back to drinking once or twice a week and no more. Basically try to feel good. 
  5. Make a vision board – I keep meaning to and then I’m like, “Ooh, NVM, let’s watch My Cat From Hell…”
  6. Figure out what I want to do – I don’t think a 9-5 desk job is for me (unfortunately) so I need to figure out WTF I want to do instead. 
  7. Rock teacher training – Duh. Maybe I’ll be able to master a headstand, too, finally. But hey, just because someone can do a handstand doesn’t mean they’re a good teacher.
  8. Watch less Netflix – This goes for HBO Go and Amazon Prime too. I want to watch less TV so I can read more. 
  9. Be more patient – with my partner, my friends, family, and especially strangers. I currently have no patience, so cultivating any patience would be a miracle. 
  10. Be less judgmental – I would like to look at someone that I’ve never met and not make 10 assumptions about them based on what they look like or what they’re doing. 
  11. Travel Somewhere New: One new city in America (we’re planning on Denver, at the very least) and three new cities in Europe (ideas that have been thrown around: Reykjavik, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Budapest, Bucharest, or wherever they film the Bond movies in Croatia).

I think that’s good for now. What are your resolutions? 


2014: Day One

I saw this crown lying flattened in the street this morning. Someone had a good New Years Eve last night. And I did too! I went to my two and a half hour Kundalini yoga workshop (so cool, but incredibly different from your typical asana, should you be thinking of going) and then to Riposo 72 on West 72nd Street for dinner with one of my favorite friends. After a delicious meal and wine, we watched the ball drop (on TV – we’re no fools), and then we watched the fireworks outside over Central Park (I had no idea they set off fireworks over the partk!), and then I was in bed and asleep by 1am.

I started this morning off with errands and such, followed by a massage and a hatha yoga class with one of my first-ever yoga teachers. She told us to set our intention for 2014. I did, it was this: to be happy. I’m happy now, but it’s simply a reminder to always be grateful and happy.

After my yoga class, there were more errands and then dinner with two of my closest friends at The Meatball Shop on the UES. Now I’m home, touching up my nails, stretching, and watching Ted. Because I’m a goddamn adult. 

Happy new year!

Tomorrow night is the night. New Year’s Eve. The last night of the year and the time we use to reflect on the year about to be behind us and the year ahead. I’m looking forward to it as I’m starting a new job and have a lot of other parts of my life seemingly together (knock on wood).

New Years eve is night when so many people go absolutely batshit crazy in New York City. It’s the night that I used to panic about if I didn’t have plans a month in advance. I used to have palpitations when whatever random dude I’d been seeing for a month didn’t ask me what I was doing and make plans with me. Now I could care less. Three years ago I went to three parties. I got incredibly wasted and wasn’t fun overall. Two years I stayed at one party. A year ago I went to two parties. This year I have plans to go to the party that I went to two years ago – the party that my friend and his fiancée throw at their Hell’s Kitchen apartment every year. It’s the most “adult” party I’ve been in attendance at because no one ends up belligerently drunk and vomiting.

To be honest New Year’s Eve is as overrated as any other excuse to party and drink (ie. the Fourth, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, etc). So, if I can it through without a hangover or making out with a stranger, as well as surrounded by people who I genuinely like, I’ll consider myself lucky.

I hope you have a happy new year too, with whatever you end up doing.