Earlier this week I was invited to see The Cripple of Inishmaan, the new Martin McDonaugh play starring Daniel Radcliffe. I love McDonaugh (especially The Lieutenant of Inishmore, oh man!) so I was totally excited to see his latest to come to Broadway. And Daniel Radcliffe? I’ve never really been a Harry Potter fan, but he’s a great actor in everything else I’ve seen him in so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. 

About a young man named cripple Billy (Radcliffe) who’s being raised by his two “aunts” after his parent’s killed themselves. He hears of a Hollywood director casting a film in Inishmore and he goes to audition. The play is about the affect it has on himself, his aunts, and acquaintances, including a girl he secretly has a crush on (Helen). 

This is your typical McDonaugh play: dark, highly comical, and with a couple of twists. I love McDonaugh’s work, so I loved Inishmaan. Radcliffe was pure light onstage as Billy and I especially loved Sarah Greene as Helen. It maybe got a bit long towards the end of the second act, but it wasn’t bothersome. 

If you like Radcliffe, McDonaugh, or just dark comedies in general, definitely check on The Cripple of Inishmaan.

Tickets provided by the production. 


Hey there everyone… theatre nerds, Martin McDonaugh savants, Harry Potter fans… 

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The Cripple of Inishmaan is starring Daniel Radcliffe. Inishmaan is written by Martin McDonaugh. Who is amazing

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I know the final Harry Potter movie just premiered in London, so I wanted to post a picture that I took in June 2007.  This is from the Harry Potter 4 premiere at The Odeon in Leicester Square, London.  It’s none other than Daniel Radcliffe himself (incase you couldn’t recognize him).  

I’ve never been a Harry Potter fan – for some reason I could never get into it.  I watched the first movie and was never motivated enough to watch the others.  Despite that, I went with my friends that day in 2007 to watch the arrivals because why not, right?  I was in London and it was free!  I would’ve been stupid not to go.  The final book was also released at midnight the night before we were all scheduled to leave.  We booked it up to Waterstone’s on Kensington High Street after being out at the pubs and picked up copies.  I brought back a copy for myself (again, why not?) and a copy for my family in Maine who are huge Potter-heads.  

I shoved them into my huge duffle bag and they made it onto the plane the next day and back to New York safe and sound.  I’ve still never read it.