Week 1 (or What My Exercise Schedule Actually Looked Like)

I wrote last week about mixing up my work out schedule and including a rest day or two because those might actually be important. Here’s what I’d anticipated it might look like:

Monday: Ashtanga/Iyengar Yoga
Tuesday: Running + sit ups
Wednesday: Running + sit ups + Ashtanga/Iyengar yoga
Thursday: Running + sit ups
Friday: Rest?
Saturday: Vinyasa
Sunday: Rest or Run?

But here’s what it actually ended up looking like:

Monday: Yoga (85 minutes)
Tuesday: 50 sit-ups, running (22 minutes)
Wednesday: 50 sit-ups, arm weight exercises, yoga (85 minutes)
Thursday: Running (20 minutes)
Friday: Yoga (65 minutes)
Saturday: Unintentional rest day
Sunday: Yoga (30 minutes)

With trips out to Long Island and Westchester this weekend, I ate tons of food so now I’m going to try to get back to health eating. Today I think I’m going to yoga and then I’m going to also run. Now where’s my Inspiralized cookbook…


Inspiralized @ Whole Foods

J bought the Inspiralizer for me a few months ago and I use it in over 50% of my cooking now. I haven’t made actual pasta in months. And aside from when I had penne vodka over the weekend at a restaurant, I haven’t eaten it. When I did, it made me feel gross. Anyways, when it was announced that Ali Malfucci, founder of Inspiralized, was doing a demo at the Upper West Side Whole Foods, I was super stoked.

She demo’ed how to to inspiralize a plethora of vegetables, showed how to clean the Inspiralizer, talked about how she got started, answered questions, and then made a pesto dish with zucchini noodles. It was so good.

I bought her first cook book and she was super sweet – exactly the same as how she comes across in her videos. She clarified how to stabilize my Inspiralizer to my granite countertop; which was something that I’d had a load of trouble with.

I can’t recommend this kitchen tool enough! It’s changed my life and my palette. 

I made this (with some minor alterations) last night for Justin and me while we were watching Master of None (so good, watch it now) and it was lovely. It was light and delicious. I probably only made half of the recipe but we both had hearty portions and there’s still one or two other portions leftover. 

You basically chop up half of a white onion, some carrots (I used baby carrots because I didn’t have regular size ones), some garlic, and sauté them in olive oil. After five or so minutes, you add some tomato sauce and some chopped tomatoes, let that sizzle. Then you add water and lentils and let it all sauté for about 20 minutes (make the pasta while you’re waiting). I added two dashes of cane sugar, a teaspoon of salt, and lots of pepper (I love lots of pepper on anything).

I threw the last of some mozzarella that I had one it and voilà: dinner. Lots of protein and relatively healthy. Could’ve used more vegetables though, I won’t lie.

Get it together.

I found out at my yearly physical recently that I’ve gained somewhere in the league of 5 pounds this winter. I’d eaten a big burrito that day so that might be a pound or two. Five pounds is not something to get dramatic over. I once lost 40, so 5 is nothing. I’m trying not to be dramatic about it, really. I’m still trying to think of things I can do to shed those 5 pounds and be healthier. 

Stop the morning snacking. I typically have a snack between breakfast and lunch. It comes somewhere between 11 and 12. I generally eat lunch between 12-12:30. To snack is stupid. From now on I’ll drink more tea or water.

Run in the mornings. I get up an hour earlier now so I’m going to run for 20 minutes in the morning if. it. kills. me. Which it won’t, of course. But just the idea of changing clothes, stretching, and putting on socks and sneakers makes me tired. But whatever, I’ll do it. I’ll run at a super slow pace (12 minute miles, or maybe a bit faster). It won’t be so bad. (I did this this morning, FTW!)

Stop eating crap. I’ve stopped eating a lot of gluten and I rarely eat cheese by itself anymore (meaning I don’t pack it onto salads or pastas anymore). I’ve been super busy lately. I’ve been making my lunch and bringing it to work with me (usually chicken, rice, & spinach) but sometimes I just need something quick and/or cheap for dinner before and event or something and I just go with pizza. No more pizza or quick junk. 

I think I need to just be more active. That’s mostly what helped me lose the originally 40, so these 5 should be easy.  Any suggestions? For accountability, here’s a photo of me after a run last week after the cut. It’s really not an attractive photo at all. I wasn’t posing so, yeah, I look… fun 😉