I found out that The Drama Book Shop was having some hard times when I saw a clip on Facebook from a local news channel. The short story: a pipe burst destroying much of their ceiling and a whole lot of inventory. Lin-Manuel Miranda posted a video about it on Twitter and patrons rushed into the store to help by spending money. Their sales are up 50% and they’re hoping their insurance kicks in sooner rather than later.

I spent many days during my college years (and even before that while I was in high school) wandering the shelves looking for plays for classes and to read on my own. I used to buy a few dozen plays there every summer, coming back once I had finished reading all my prior purchases. 

So, last Tuesday I wandered up 40th and 7th to pay homage to the store that was such a huge resource for me and I picked up a copy of Stephen Karam’s The Humans. I know I didn’t particularly fall head-over-heels in love with the show, but I think that’s because I probably missed a few subtleties. 

I wished the manager good luck with everything, said goodbye to the manager’s dog that sits on the counter, and was on my way.

If you’re in New York City, or are planning a visit soon, please stop by The Drama Book Shop and show your support. You can find out more information here


So, how many times did you end up seeing Rent?

This was one of the questions asked by a friend from 7th grade that I met up with last night for the first time in *years*. The term “friends” is generous considering we sat next to each other in our honors English class in 7th grade, and then didn’t talk much after that year, even though we had friends in the same social circle. 

We were Facebook friends, and somehow ended up following each other on Instagram, and then I came up with the bright idea that we should meet up. Because why not.

I ended up on Long Island on Saturday night for Mother’s Day and he ended up being on the island too, so we met up for a drink at the local dive bar (the only place in our town opened by 11pm on Saturday nights) and eventually made our way to the local 24-hour diner. We chatted and caught up for three or so hours. The one vivid memory he had of me was that I loved the show Rent. Hah. 

When we got in his car to leave the diner around 2:30, he looked up and said, “Oh I love that picture. I would totally put that on Instagram,” and I told him to do exactly that. He said, “Really? You think I should?” And I did, and he got out and took the above picture that made it’s way online at about 3am. 

It was nice to see an old acquaintance, who will maybe become a new friend. He wants to see my favorite spots in the city, so there’s that. 

Ohio High School Fires Director for Staging Legally Blonde Musical; Creators and Parents Comment

I can’t believe this. Really? This is ridiculous. She staged Legally Blonde, not HAIR or Jesus Christ Superstar. And I’m sure SOMEONE approved the choice before she purchased the right using school funds, because adjunct faculty don’t just get handed the school’s credit card to do with as they please. (They did. Those school officials should be sued.)

This is why Ohio is a fly-over state. Any state that has people who throw temper tantrums over a school staging a bubblegum-piece-of-fluff musical is obviously insane. 

Ohio High School Fires Director for Staging Legally Blonde Musical; Creators and Parents Comment