Stop, drop, and meditate.

I’m going to try not to be too dramatic, or make this all about me, because it’s not, but these are my feelings right now. You know those moments in movies when the a pivotal character dies or gets a life-changing phone call? I had one of those tonight. No, I didn’t die, but I got out of a great yoga class with my favorite teacher, turned my phone on and had a text from my mother saying to call her immediately so I did. She told me that my oldest best friend in the world, who was more like my older sister than anything else, was being rushed to the hospital with multiple brain tumors.

I am still absolutely shocked beyond belief. They won’t know anything else for another day or so until more tests have been run, but I never expected this in a million years. I told Justin first and then a couple of other close friends. Because I didn’t want to sit with the weight of this on my chest (I know how self-centered that sounds, believe me) and not allow myself to confide in the people I love most.

Truth be told, there’s nothing I can really do right now but wait. I’d ask you to pray, but I don’t even pray so I’m not going to ask you to do something I wouldn’t do. But I did the only thing I know how to do which was to stop, drop, and meditate. I Googled for an appropriate meditation and found one to send healing energy to loved ones. I don’t believe in gods, but I believe we’re all energy so I believe in sending healing energy. As the saying goes, where your attention goes, the energy flows

So, if you feel moved, send some energy and positive vibes my friend’s way. 

Yesterday evening after work I met Ben for a beer at Dive 75 on West 75th Street. They have assorted board games and when I saw Connect 4, I pulled it out and proceeded to beat Ben about 20 times (he won a few too).

Fittingly it was the 17th anniversary since a car accident that I was in when I was 11 (almost 12) in 1997. I wrote about it once on here in 2009, but the tl:dr version: I was in a car accident in California, I suffered a traumatic brain injury (insert joke here), and I was in a coma for two weeks before waking up and needing two months of rehab to re-learn how to do everything again.

I graduated from elementary school that year with honors in math. Take that, TBI.

ANYWAYS. While i was in the hospital, I played a LOT of Connect 4 with my occupational therapist and basically anyone who would humor me (which was almost everyone). I got really, really good at it. Well, after last night, I’m pretty sure I still got it. It’s all a game of strategy. 

The only thing that makes Connect 4 more interesting now? Beer.