I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning and have been watching Orange is the New Black ever since (after a three hour nap). Kristen is the best, as she picked up my medicated ass from the oral surgeon and escorted me home. 

I was about to do local anesthesia and not general because my insurance company wanted $165 for the general and while I was waiting for the local anesthesia, I said eff this and asked to be put under. I woke up later and we hopped in a cab home. I may or may not have almost gotten hit by a car a few times. 

Kristen escorted me to the market and I picked up all of the essentials: mac and cheese, soups, rice pudding, and ice cream. Super healthy. Kristen fed me some Advil and then I passed out for three hours. After Kristen headed up, I put on OITNB and rotated between ice cream and mac’n’cheese until I passed out again at midnight.

I don’t really have any pain in my mouth – it just feels weird from the stitches. Of course, I’m keeping on a steady stream of Advil too, so maybe that’s it. 

Tomorrow: An early afternoon showing of Jurassic World. I’m SO excited. I have these in my shopping cart on Amazon right now. I so want to buy them. 


Update: I’ve bought them. I had a $5 credit too so the total came to a whopping $10.90.