Welcome to Earth.

This line isn’t actually in the movie, it’s from the first one. I love Independence Day, the original, more than words can express. Jeff Goldblum is the man and Bill Pullman is pretty fucking fantastic. I knew the sequel, which was totally unnecessary to make, would be lackluster but Goldblum was in it, so I had to go. J wanted to see it in 3D, so we shelled out $40 and saw it on Saturday night.

“This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen,” is what he said as we were about halfway through. Whatever, man. 

Okay, so it WAS totally ridiculous, but it was an amazing disaster movie. The mothership (the one carrying the Queen) was the size of a hemisphere, not just the size of a city. The Queen alien herself was about 10 stories tall and all of the aliens can use guns now. The aliens are over exterminating planets and they’re all about stealing molter cores from other planets to use on their own. A huge space ball comes to our space station on the moon to try to warn us, but of course, we’re afraid of anything unfamiliar, so we shoot it down. 

The destruction is 100x’s worse this time around. But aside from that, Will Smith’s character’s son is now a star fighter pilot and Gale (aka Thor’s brother aka Liam Hemsworth) is in cahoots with him (he’s also a fighter pilot), and he’s in a relationship with President Whitmore’s (Bill Pullman) daughter, Patricia, who’s now in her 20′s. 

That was all nostalgic and great. I really loved it for that aspect. I wondered though, what happened to the crazy drunk’s kids from the first movie? We’ll never know as they’re not in this movie.

i hear this is going to tank this weekend and that’s sad. But the writing is just so bad, it’s like they weren’t even trying. 

Despite that it was a 10 on the cheesiness scale, I enjoyed it. If you have nostalgia for the original, go see this one and bring your low expectations with you. Because: Jeff Goldblum.