I’ve had a significant other on Valentine’s Day a few times and the pressure to have an amazing time with amazing gifts makes me dread it. I wasn’t very bitter today and kind of neutral about it altogether. But seriously, who knew that the best Valentine’s Day gift ever would come from over the internet for exactly $0?  I yelped a little when I saw the tweet.

Yes, that’s right. Green Day began recording a new album today, as per Billie Joe’s tweet. Of course, we went hear anything for quite some time but it’s nice to at least know there’s something new on the horizon and a new tour will be kicked off as well after the album’s release.  I think this might rate as the Best Valentine’s Day Ever. And to think that as Tanya, Sally, Anne, and I were brunching last Saturday, we actually began to doubt that this would be the year the guys would record something new.  We’ve decided to take some credit for the news today (facetiously).

Hopefully “Make Out Party” will make the cut onto the new album, and hopefully they’ll call the album “Fuck Time.”  (Probably not though, due to the fact that that is the title of a Foxboro Hot Tubs song.)

Hope everyone had a very red (and Green) Valentine’s Day.

It was exactly a year ago that the Foxboro Hot Tubs played their epic show at Don Hill’s.  It went on for hours for only $20 and there were less than 100 people there.  "It’s Fuck Time“ was introduced into everyone’s vocabulary, for better or for worse (pshhh, for better).  It was the best $20 I ever spent.  

Click here for my original write-up on the show, and a few pictures.  I have a few videos on YouTube of St. Jimmy, It’s Fuck Time, and Stop, Drop, and Roll.   

Tonight was awesome and definitely worth another $27 (I sat in Orchestra, D13).  It was really hard to choose just one photo to post, but I liked this one a lot (more photos here).  

Billie Joe answered my “prayers” (we can say that I prayed to “St. Jimmy” since I don’t believe in praying to “God”? Both are fictional.  I digress.) and made more acting choices during songs like “When It’s Time” and “21 Guns.”  He wretched when “Johnny” said he loved “Whatshername” and was practically convulsing during another part of the song.  At the end of “She’s a Rebel,” he shoo-ed everyone away and said, “Fuck off!” and reacted completely to all the women during “Letterbomb” after they’d basically taken possession of “Johnny.”  He also provoked the entire audience to rise to their feet after the song “St. Jimmy” was over. He played “come-and-get-it” with “Johnny” before “When It’s Time” when he was tempting him with the bag of heroin.  John Gallagher was laughing more so than acting mad before [the song] “St. Jimmy” started.  Everyone onstage was having such a good time.  After “She’s a Rebel,” where “St. Jimmy” usually says, “We don’t need no stinking badges!” Billie Joe took it upon himself to sing, “Oh, baby, baby, it’s fuck time!” before running offstage to which “Johnny” replied, “Who sang that?!

My favorite Billie-ism was listening for his screams before [the song] “St. Jimmy” started.  During John Gallagher’s monologue every 15 or so seconds, you’d heard an evil cackle (almost scream) coming from offstage.  Very eerie and it worked really well because it was as if “Johnny” was trying to fight off his alter-ego.  Right before his last line, he leaned on the stairs and egged the audience to scream more.  It was awesome.

After the curtain call, before they sang “Good Riddance” (video of the last part of “Good Riddancehere), Billie Joe got down on his knees, took out a piece of paper (at which point a friend of mine thought, ”Really?  You can’t remember the words to ‘Good Riddance’?“) and surprised the audience with a brand new song that he wrote about his week on Broadway.  (Lyrics can be seen here via @Elderta)

It was a really special night on Broadway and probably something that can’t ever be recreated.  I’m really grateful that I was there.  Thank you, Jimmy.  

My other photos can be seen here!