The new subtitle..

You might be noticing the new (or,…) title on my blog.  The “What a Waste of $10!” comes from Thursday night’s Cupcake Social 2.0, after I had two drinks and felt nothing!  Jason exclaimed, “What a waste of $10!” and a subtitle was born.

Or we thought it could be domain name (which I still have yet to buy), similar to how Reasons to Be Pretty has the domain name

Radio City Speaker Series: The Minds That Move the World

Last night, Jason and I took in the second installment of the Radio City Speaker Series (the first featured Ann Coutler and Bill Maher).  This time it was moderated by Anderson Cooper, and featured Arianna Huffington, DL Hughley, and Mike Huckabee. About half way through, Mike Huckabee was getting his ass handed to him and I felt SO bad.  I did agree with a couple of things he had to say.  For instance:

Mike Huckabee: President Obama is an excellent public speaker and that is a very important thing.

DL: Oh.  [Pause]  Wow. No, I just didn’t know it was so important to the Republicans to have a leader that’s a good speaker!


I had never heard Arianna Huffington speak before, nor read anything that she’s written, but she is extremely captivating and intelligent.  I’m a fan now!  DL Hughley added comic relief, as did Anderson Cooper at times.  Mike Huckabee was conversative voice of morality that was always calm but who still thinks we need less regulation on Wall Street.  Sigh.  It was an enjoyable 90 minutes though, and I think I’ll read Arianna Huffington’s new book 🙂

Jason: I can’t believe you ran into Ray at that bakery! Why isn’t he at your place right now?
Me: He was with his friend! (A guy)
Jason: Well, there was your threesome, at your doorstep! With SCONES! You fail.
Me: They didn’t have scones today, anyways.

A lazy Sunday afternoon.

Jason and me on the F train yesterday, after our anti-art class and cupcake meet-up at The Slipper Room on the LES.  The model (Raquel Reed) was striking and the Glittle cupcakes were tasty!  We had cupcakes with peanut butter & jelly, fruit loops, and devil dogs on them!  After an hour, we concluded that we definitely couldn’t draw and since the cupcakes were gone, we decided to hit the road.  We were sharing his headphones and listening to some random techno band that he likes called MSTRKRFT.

Photo of the Day #21: Jason and me at TBD in Greenpoint, Brooklyn… the third stope on “The Great Greenpoint Mac And Cheese Off”!  I think we liked their “mac” the best.

We also tried the mac and cheese at Red Star, The Habitat, and The Mark BarThe Mark Bar and TBD has the best decor (TBD’s interior reminded me of Cafeteria’s!).  All of the bars had awesome drink deals and were pretty cheap to begin with ($3 for a Hoegarten!). But if you ever happen to wind up in Greenpoint, fear not, there are places to drink until you can figure out a way to get home.