This Is How All The Bret Easton Ellis Novels Fit Together

Someone posted this recently and I was super intrigued. I would think that there are probably other writers out there who have done this but the only one that I’ve read that comes to mind is Emily Giffin. Giffin’s characters are somewhat related in three of her books, but how Ellis put characters from one book into another who supposedly were killed by Bateman in American Psycho is super cool. It actually made me want to read all of his books. But.


I’m currently reading American Psycho…. and it’s a painful read. Bateman and his friend’s shallow materialism and his need to identify where every last item on his person came from is dreadful. I’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks now and I’m only 160 pages in (out of 400-ish). I’m starting to lose hope that I’ll finish it. But I think I have to. i know that I’m not required to finish every book I start but I like to. We’ll see what happens.

In other news: American Psycho the musical is getting pretty good reviews from regular people. I know it’s going to be a super polarizing show (not every one will like a musical about a banker who’s going insane and killing his friends) but I read that the first look you get in the show is amazing and so far everything is impressive. Currently it’s super long (just under 3 hours) but I’m sure they’ll cut it down a bunch before April 5th.

Has anyone else read American Psycho? 

This Is How All The Bret Easton Ellis Novels Fit Together


Yeah. I like this…

I recently played through the concept recording of Paul Scott Goodman’s Bright Lights, Big City, based on the novel by Jay McInerny. I still knew every single word. It was totally weird.

Circa 2006, I found myself with a copy of the star-filled concept recording and after listening to it once, I was obsessed. When I learned that the Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia was producing it (for the first time since it’d been at NYTW in 1999), I found a friend and we made a day (and night) of it (we literally got back at 2am and headed over to Marie’s Crisis until closing – of course).

Truth be told: Brights Lights, Big City doesn’t really work as a musical, if we’re being honest. It’s based on a book that is written in a really odd narrative. But the score? Holy shit. One of my top three favorite scores ever (after Hair and High Fidelity, probably).

And if you love Patrick Wilson, or say, Sherie Rene Scott, or Jesse L. Martin, or Eden Espinoza… well, you’ll love it too.