I seriously loved Bring It On. I could totally see myself seeing it again. I’d heard positive things and I knew the choreography and stunts were going to be amazing, but I really had such a good time. This is the best example of really good Broadway pop out there. It’s just a really good time.

Taylor Louderman was fantastic as Campbell, as was Adrienne Warren as her arch nemesis-turned-friend Danielle. I found myself unexpectedly loving Ryann Redmond as the socially awkward mascot-turned-cheerleader Bridget. 

I love the way they took inspiration from the series of Bring It On movies and made an entertaining new plot line with a couple of unexpected plot twists. The technical aspects of the show (four large LCD screens, and what looks like about $100k worth of lighting around the stage and proscenium) really added to the show in the best of ways. 

Everyone on that stage is a triple threat, possibly quadruple – could cheerleading count as a 4th ‘threat’? The choreography (by Andy Blankenbuehler) and cheer leading stunts were absolutely breathtaking, to say the least. 

Your eyes won’t know where to look sometimes and your jaw will at times be dropped. You’ll definitely have a good time at the St. James this fall.