Tom Kitt – where the fuck are you? You’re a fucking genius, man! Thank you SO MUCH. I can never ever thank you enough. I swear you’re going to be on every holiday card for the rest of my life. If your kids need a god parent, I’ll do it! I’ll do the Jewish version ALSO! It’s no problem, I’ll fuckin do it!

Billie Joe Armstrong right before they played their final number, Jesus of Suburbia.  4.24.11

What did I do this Memorial Day weekend?  Besides a 12 hour BBQ, Saturday night drinks on a boat, lots of yoga, and spray painting my amp hot pink, I wrote out the tab to the entirety of Jesus of Suburbia using this awesome video.  My guitar teacher has a [better?] way of writing out tab, but this [semi-ridiculous] method works for me when I’m teaching myself a song on my own without his assistance.  And yes, it took five pages to write it all out.  

I can play about half of it right now.  Kinda shoddily but I’m working on it.  It’s about 8 chords in all but Green Day likes to switch up the order they’re played in a LOT so I’m finding it’s a bit mind boggling sometimes (a lot of the time!).   

For now, I wish you all …. Rage x ❤

Green Day Song of the Week: I was originally going to use the song “Jesus of Suburbia” from Bullet in a Bible, but it was too large.  So instead, here is another b-side song from 2004’s American Idiot called Shoplifter.  I like the beat and the lyrics are hysterical.  Enjoy!