Let’s start from the beginning… I attended the Q&A last night and this time I filmed the whole thing.  Above is part one of the moderated questions, here’s part two, three, and four.  

And here is parts one, two, and three of the audience questions.  It was quite entertaining tonight – a lot of lame questions, but a couple of really, really good ones too.  Enjoy!

This was my favorite song that singer/songwriter/performer John (“Johnny”) Gallagher Jr. performed during his set at Rockwood Music Hall last night on the LES.  I’m pretty sure he performed this song [Still Sixteen] back in 2007 with his band Old Springs Pike when my friend and I went to see him at The Knitting Factory.  The girl who performed before him, Emily Greene, was also pretty good!

(I used my FlipCam to record this and I’m surprised how good the audio quality is – though the picture quality could be better.)