Once upon a time I was a senior in high school and I had to chose a student-written script to direct for our annual winter Student-Written One Acts (we did 8 shows a year at my high school – it was pretty awesome).  I read through several scripts and knew immediately the one that I wanted to work on when I read it.  

It was titled The Last Page and it was written by junior named Christine, whom I was lucky enough to know already.  It was about five friends who, although they’d grown apart in high school, were reunited when the core member of the group passes away unexpectedly.  It was extremely well written and I loved it.  Though I had no idea how to direct a show (even after having taken the directing class the year before), with the help of my cast, it turned out fantastically.  

Well, one of my former cast members, James Doheny (pictured above, left, with his co-producer), has re-written the script (with permission from Christine) for a film version and is trying to raise funds on Kick Starter.  

Their goal is $3000 in the next two weeks and every dollar helps.  If you have any amount you can give, click here.