One Fringe Festival review is required, I think, before the festival ends tomorrow.  Considering I’ve only seen one show (besides my own), this is good.  

So, my friend revealed to me at Swift (East 4th and Cooper) on Thursday night that Spellbound was more of a kids show than our demographic.  Awesome.  He then bought me a glass of wine before we headed over to La Mama, also on East 4th Street.

Spellbound, part of the 2010 Fringe Festival, has two things going for it: the cast and the production quality.  The bad: the book, lyrics, and music. 

The production looked like it cost more than your average Fringe show (under $10k) with the lighting, props, and costumes (the costumes were especially pricey looking).  Every single person in the cast was extremely talented too.  If the right people see Spellbound, it could potentially be a career boost for Ashley C. Williams (as the main character, Herianne) and David Garry (the hilarious character actor who played the goblin, Egor).

The book, lyrics, and music were absolutely horrendous.  Trite lyrics paired with elementary melodies and a sub-par Harry Potter-esque book was just painful to sit through.  I laughed through half of it, and my date wouldn’t allow himself to look at me during the performance for fear that he’d begin laughing too. 

Spellbound is in need of massive rewrites and an overhaul.  Until then, wave your magic wand and go elsewhere with your Fringe Flex Pass.