Thursday night was supposed to be spent with Mallory and Amy downtown at Village Tart, but when Mallory was wildly behind the packing up of her apartment, Amy and I redirected ourselves to Landmarc in the Time Warner Center.  After nearly 6 years in the city and almost 2 years living on the UWS, I’d yet to have a meal here, so I was excited.

Amy had been craving a burger, so that’s exactly what ordered and when I saw a chicken sandwich on the menu, my mouth watered.  We both added cheese and also ordered a half bottle of a sweet Merlot.  The bread that was served prior to the meal was fresh and palatable.  Our main courses arrived and were so tender that they were dripping.  The side salads were also delicious and luckily the fries that were served with our sandwiches weren’t plentiful.  I don’t think I would’ve had room for them if there was more than a handful.

The food was excellent and very moderately priced as far as dinner in New York goes (our meals were $15 each), especially in the Time Warner Center.  This is the perfect after-work spot, located at 10 Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center at 59th Street.  

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