I’ve been kind of over drinking lately. Maybe it’s my liking staying in my yoga pants from Friday night to Monday night. Or it’s the dislike for being hit on my drunk slobs at the bar. Or the slight hangover the next. But really it’s probably just the amount of money that I’d spend.

And it’s cold.

So on Sunday, when I texted one of my friends and asked what he was up to, I was thrilled when he suggested getting tea. We decided to meet at 4pm, in time for high tea at the 72nd Street Le Pain Quotidien.

Over our bowls of hit beverages and a croissant, we caught up on each others lives for under $12.

Next we walked (yes, in 20* weather) up to the JOE on 84th and Columbus. Named the best coffee in the city, I insisted he try it. He said it was “really good” and we warmed up for a bit inside. This cost $6.50.

Our last stop of the afternoon was Two Boots on 96th and Broadway. Possibly overrated pizza, but we enjoyed it. Two slices were around $8.

The whole afternoon cost around $25 collectively, with no hangover included “free” of charge.

Morning Rant:

So last Friday, after not getting much sleep the night before, I was looking for a boost of caffeine and I knew Dunkin Donuts would not provide me with that.  I sometimes walk past Le Pain Quotidien so I stopped in there and got a small mocha.  It was good and it was caffeinated and it was only a little overpriced.

I went in there yesterday and got a small Chai… which was basically dirty water.  And it was overpriced.

Today I wanted a hot chocolate so I decided to give Le Pain another chance and got a small hot chocolate.  It was $4.30, first of all, and second of all, it tasted really watered down.

So, I guess you could say I’m done trying things at Le Pain Quotidien and sticking to Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts.  I’m sure the pastries are just fine at Le Pain, but as far as lattes and other drinks go… go somewhere else.