The Newest Family Member

No, I did not rescue a kitten. I wish. But my parents did and I got to meet her when I was at their house on Sunday for Rosh Hashana. Meet Dani: She is 7 weeks old and she was found with two siblings underneath a dock on Long Island. I bought her a couple of toys – including the one with the feathers that she’s playing with up there. It’s a motion-activated toy that makes a tweeting sound when she moves it. She loves it but my parents will probably not thank me for introducing it into her life. Whatever. Playbill has one, too!

She’s very sweet and will run around and then promptly fall asleep on you or whatever she can reach that’s soft to land on. She does a mean Firefox pose already, right?

But, seriously, I want to rescue a kitten. Someday


A Little Story About “Joy”


I saw this trailer and thought I wanted to see it because Jennifer Lawrence is awesome and she looked like she was playing a badass. I mentioned to my mother that we should see this on Christmas and she said, “Oh yes! We’ve met Joy several times. She’s the one who gave dad your guitar!”

Remember this guitar? The one that Billie Joe Armstrong signed all those years ago? I knew it had been a freebie that my dad had been given, but I had no idea by whom. Turns out Joy Mangano rented warehouse space from the company that my parents have worked at for decades. She also apparently lives in a massive estate two towns over from us. 

Back to the movie: I liked it. It left out things like the fact that she went to my alma matter: Pace. And they cut out one of her children. D’oh. The movie starts when she’s a child and building things and then fast fowards to her meeting her husband, having more kids than she should have, and working at an airport. So much for those dreams. After getting her hands cut up on some glass while mopping up wine, she invents the Miracle Mop and we go from there.

I liked the movie a lot. Mangano was a badass who handled mafia men without blinking. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job, too, as did Bradley Cooper for the most part. Despite how the previews make this look like a Silver Linings Playbook Part 2, it’s very much not at all. 

Sunday, per usual.

Yesterday started off lazily. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and it was nice out, so I went to run the loop in Central Park. I’ve never been able to accomplish this before, and I didn’t yesterday either, but I did about 5.4 miles so I was okay with that. I also did hurt my knee or ankle which have been kind of sore and/or hurting, so that was good.

I sat down on the grass to stretch and check my texts, and I saw this, text which turned into this conversation:

That was at 11am. After that I ran to TJ Maxx, where I sadly didn’t find any dresses I liked, so I went home, pulled something out of my closet, and proceeded to shower, do my hair, make-up, nails, feed myself, and make (by a hair, and I mean a hair – like I was buying my ticket as they announcing the doors were closing and I yelled to the conductor to stop – and he did!) a 1:45pm train out to Long Island. 

After a lovely hour and a half drive to Port Jeff (about two towns over from where I grew up), and listening to lots of unique music, we arrived at the venue. The wedding of two actors, of course, included singing. As part of their vows they sang a lovely acoustic version of Grow Old With You – from The Wedding Singer. The Rabbi was a woman, which I loved, and the ceremony was outside and very nice. 

There were toasts, and drinks, and food, and we headed out around 9:30 to head back to the city.

Typical Sunday, indeed. Two weddings in two weeks? No problem.

My trophy date (and good friend) Ben & I at my best friend’s sister’s wedding last night on Long Island last night. I loved this dress. I bought it at TJ Maxx. It’s a designer that my mom had heard of but I hadn’t (no surprise there, I haven’t heard of most designers). 

The weather may have been monsoon like, and we did get stuck in 3 hours worth of traffic on a normally-45 minute trip, but it was a great wedding.