January 13th, 2015: Guster at Rough Trade

Last Tuesday one of my favorite bands, Guster, released their 7th album with an acoustic set, a CD signing, and a full concert after that. I didn’t think I’d be getting to meet the band so I was completely speechless when it set in that I was merely feet from them. The above photo is the result of my meeting them. Goofy/stupid/happy.

Their first set was 8 songs long and they performed it on a small platform in the middle of the floor space inside Rough Trade. It was really awesome. The setlist is here. They performed Window off of Parachute, so that was special.

After the signing and photos, there was a ways to wait and then Frozen’s “Love Is An Open Door” started playing over the speaker system, we all started singing along, and the guys came out. Apparently one of their kids loves Frozen so they thought, “why not!”

This was the smallest stage they ever performed on with the most instruments they have ever performed with so the stage was quite crammed. This show was their first with their new material and basically a big experiment to see if they could even perform these songs live at all. They had a new band member with them too, Dave, because they needed an extra person with them onstage to fully play the songs. Ryan said multiple times, “Wow! That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!” when they finished a song. He told lots of stories, followed by, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this now or why I’m still talking.”

Guster might be one of my favorite bands to see live because they give exactly zero fucks onstage. They just play their music and have a good time. (Full set list here.)

I was tired at work the next day but it was totally worth it. Even the trip to Brooklyn. 😉

Some videos I took:


My high school had a kick-ass drama program. We did 8 (EIGHT) shows a year. Yeah, it was crazy and fun, and amazing. I directed, acted, ASM’ed, operated the sound board, and was an assistant producer on various productions.

But all that aside, we were also a family. We hung out in our office (which was in the back of our black box theatre and had a couple of couches, a fridge, a microwave, and a stereo. Yes, I never went to gym during my final semester and spent a LOT of time in there even when I didn’t have a free period), went to the various diners in our town, and even held certain friend’s hair back when they drank a bit too much Smirnoff at a cast party.

We also listened to a lot of Dave Matthews Band, and more importantly: Guster. Their current album was “Lost and Gone Forever” and after burning a copy during my senior year, it’s lived on my iPhone and iPod since then.

I’ve listened to them on and off over the years but I’ve never gotten to see them live. But all that is changing. I bought tickets to see them next Friday in Port Chester, NY. Its about a half hour outside the city and I’m totally looking forward to it.

“4, 3, 2, 1…”