Tomorrow night is the night. New Year’s Eve. The last night of the year and the time we use to reflect on the year about to be behind us and the year ahead. I’m looking forward to it as I’m starting a new job and have a lot of other parts of my life seemingly together (knock on wood).

New Years eve is night when so many people go absolutely batshit crazy in New York City. It’s the night that I used to panic about if I didn’t have plans a month in advance. I used to have palpitations when whatever random dude I’d been seeing for a month didn’t ask me what I was doing and make plans with me. Now I could care less. Three years ago I went to three parties. I got incredibly wasted and wasn’t fun overall. Two years I stayed at one party. A year ago I went to two parties. This year I have plans to go to the party that I went to two years ago – the party that my friend and his fiancée throw at their Hell’s Kitchen apartment every year. It’s the most “adult” party I’ve been in attendance at because no one ends up belligerently drunk and vomiting.

To be honest New Year’s Eve is as overrated as any other excuse to party and drink (ie. the Fourth, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, etc). So, if I can it through without a hangover or making out with a stranger, as well as surrounded by people who I genuinely like, I’ll consider myself lucky.

I hope you have a happy new year too, with whatever you end up doing.