an unremarkable, too-short, but awesome couple of days

This weekend was way too short. It felt like it went by in a day and a half despite the fact that we gained an hour. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for Halloween so I didn’t lose time being hung over. I just woke up on Sunday and the weekend has vanished behind me.

I was able to get to a 6pm yoga class on Friday with one of my favorite yoga teachers. Then I proceeded to buy a purple sweater at TJ Maxx in an attempt to create a half-asses “Hipster Ariel” costume. It’s a really cozy sweater and I will continue to (over)wear it through the winter. I spent the rest of Friday eating whatever was left in my fridge (spoiler alert: not much) and watched the next episode of The Leftovers (still the weirdest, nonsensical show on TV).

I watched Real Time with Bill Maher on Saturday morning and then went for a way-too-hard 2.10 mile run. It should not have been as difficult as it was. I was just running too fast, I guess. Later in the evening I joined my friend Selena and at the “Girls Pint Out” booth at the NYC Craft Beer Fest for a couple of hours. I sampled too many beers. 

The rest of the night included a drink with my dude at my friend’s bar in midtown, and after his friend and her man showed up, we migrated to an Irish pub a few blocks away hoping to see some shameless costumes (and oh my goodness, we did). 

Sunday was lazy. Very lazy. Justin and I watched a few more episodes of The Walking Dead (we’re still on season 5) and enjoyed some caffeine from The Hungarian Pastry Shop before I met up for a long overdue brunch with @endotique at Melba’s in Harlem. We split the eggnog waffles and fried chicken which was delicious, to say the least. It was lovely. We watched some people running the marathon at 110th and 5th for a while, noting that they’re all insane (seriously, people who run marathons are insane – it’s unhealthy). 

The rest of the evening was filled with the rest of season 5 of The Walking Dead with Justin and later (much later) some Italian food to get us through the final episode. I read, went to bed early, and kissed inexplicably short and unremarkable weekend goodbye. 


I plan buying this t-shirt at some point. Because it’s true. It’s really, really true. I went for a run (a quick-ish 2.something miles) this morning because I didn’t think I’d have a chance to go to a yoga class. I also stopped running what feels like forever ago (but was probably only a month ago), because I got bored, and I also hated distance running. 

The 2.something miles were fine. I finished them in under 20 minutes. But I was sweaty after (duh) and sore. And I decided that running, does indeed, suck. Running is good for your heart and your metabolism and that’s about it. I know people run marathons and half-marathons to prove to themselves that they can do it. That’s fine. But really, there are so many other activities that are good for your whole body and probably don’t destroy your knees.

Also: The first man in Greece who ran 26 miles died right after. I think that says something. Mainly: Humans are not made to run 26 miles at a time.

I also find running for extended periods of time to be incredibly boring. Doing the same thing for an hour just to get your heart rate up or prove something to your own ego? Meh. 

Give me yoga any day. At least it’s good for my entire body (and mind) and it won’t destroy my knees. I’ll continue to run mainly to burn calories, but I won’t attempt crazy distances because like the t-shirt says, running sucks

But hey, to each their own. If you enjoy running, go for it. 

The Key is Breathing

I started running again semi-regularly about a month ago. And by “semi-regularly,” I mean I ran about once a week. The thing was I started running longer distances than I ever had before. I used to run 2-2.5 miles at once and be done. Occasionally I’d slip in a 5k, but not normally.

Then I had my heart set on completing the loop in Central Park. Which is, like, six (6!) miles. I tried once, and cut out some, and then walked about ¼ of the way so it was four miles and some change. Then I tried to run the perimeter of the park and gave up after about 3 miles, cut across the park, and went home. 

You know what I did every time I wanted to stop? I breathed. Whenever my yoga teachers have told me in the past to breathe into where ever you feel discomfort: they’re totally right. Just breathe. But finally today I was able to do it. I took a couple of 20 second walking breaks, but I did it (at a pretty good pace of 10:22/mile) and I felt great. 


And then I started to not feel so great anymore. I ate a ½ cup of oatmeal before I went out but with probably no more than a ½ cup of water, so I think I was pretty dehydrated. I ate a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich and a lot of water after.

After I showered and started running errands, with plans to go to two super easy yoga classes tonight, I started feeling really shitty. Like really, really shitty. 

I came home and laid down (and watched a really random, sort of okay but probably not movie called “Waiting For Forever” and now I’m taking it easy for the rest of the evening. I really want to order Chinese (since grocery shopping obviously didn’t happen today) but most of me thinks this is a pretty terrible idea.

So, a question to all the (maybe 2?) runners who happen to stumble upon this entry: Was I feel shitty because I ran the longest distance I’ve ever run? I’m attributing my being run down to the fact that I was dehydrated and the weather was super warm last week and now it’s finally acting like it’s fall out.

Yeah. That sounds about right. But I did it! I ran all six miles. Do I ever want to increase my miles again? Nah, not really. Marathons, half-marathons, and basically anything longer than what I ran seem really silly to me.

And I’m pretty sure I’d feel incredibly… shitty after running one.

I know people say that when you simply run, you ARE a runner. Well, allow me to disagree but I run a few times a week and I don’t consider myself a runner.

At all.

I don’t dislike runners – some of my friends are runners. But to me runners are people who train for stupidly long distances for races that are WAY too long. I’ve run a couple of races (above is a picture of some friends and i at The Color Run last August) and I might run another in early February, but they’re not races I train for. I can’t see myself ever running over 10k. Quite honestly: I’d get bored. I get bored after two miles or gives miles at the very most. I don’t actually see the point in running races with ridiculously long distances. I guess it’s an ego thing for people (and I don’t mean ego in a necessarily bad way).

I run to stay fit and burn calories. That’s it.

Who knows, maybe I’ll run a 10k or half-marathon one day. But if I do it’ll probably just be on a dare, I won’t train for it, and I’ll see a puppy around mile 7 and get totally distracted.

For now I’m very happy running to stay fit and considering myself a yogi instead.