Why Meditating At Work Will Make You Better At Your Job

At my last job I started something called “ClubMed.” It was a 5-minute meditation/digital detox that we took every day at work in our library or smaller conference room. Sometimes we had three quarter’s of the office, sometimes we had 4 people. Everyone appreciated it and when I resigned I made sure to pick a leader who would keep it going (and to my knowledge it has!).

When I interviewed for my current job, I’d mentioned ClubMed as part of the company culture that I’d instilled because, why not? They could think it’s super granola-y but that’s not the end of the world. To my shock and delight, on my second day the CTO and marketing associate asked me if we were really going to “do it,” meaning meditate. I said sure and soon it enough it was a regular thing we were doing every day.

I sent this article to our ‘random’ Slack channel the other day and said, “VINDICATION!” 

I’ve always liked to take a break in the middle of the day because it clears my mind and I don’t have to look at a computer or phone for those five minutes. The above article also points how it will make you less likely to make mistakes and more detail-oriented, you’ll be more decisive, and you’re more likely to empower your colleagues because you’ll be more receptive to trying new things and not of the “this will never work” mindset (which is how, if we’re being totally honest, most of us live).

If you want any tips or ideas for how to bring meditation into your life or workspace, send me a message. It’s super easy if you approach it the right way. 

Why Meditating At Work Will Make You Better At Your Job


Old Times

It’s only my first week at my new job and I’m already loving it. I’m working with awesome people and doing stuff that I love. #startuplife 

Tuesday in particular was the best though, it was really totally like old times at the last start-up that I worked at. I am, once again, working within spitting distance of my friend Ben and there’s a Calexico cart at the end of my block in Madison Square Park. So what’d we do for lunch? We did our thing: meeting up for burritos. Delicious burritos. The best burritos that you can get from a cart in the city, in my opinion.

Later on in the day, the marketing associate, who sits next to me, and the CTO asked about ClubMed (the 5 minute meditation break that I used to lead at my old job). Apparently this really sparked their interest when I mentioned it in my interview a couple of weeks ago. 

So, when 2pm rolled around, we all gathered in the conference room and took a 5-minute pause in our day. It’s a small company – 12 people – and I was shocked, and happy, to see that everyone got in on it.

If I’d have stayed an extra week at my temp gig, I’d be miserable right now. I’m so glad I made the decision to cut it short and start my new journey.