Two weeks ago I helped my friend Michael out by house managing for the first two performances of The Gospel According to Josh and tonight I finally got to see it.  

The Gospel According to Josh, written and performed by Josh Rivedal and director by Josh Gaboian, was about the journey of one young man (Josh) raised with a semi-abusive and fanatical Christian father, who rises above his upbringing and pursues his passion (acting).

The show is full of laughs for the most part but hits a very somber note in the last five minutes.  Rivedal portrays dozens of characters flawlessly and his writing never lags and never makes you want to check the time or peruse your program.

The Gospel According to Josh has one more performance on 8/1 at 6pm, at the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre at 312 West 36th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues.  Click here for more info.