Election Night ‘12

During my first election, I remember sitting with my 7 (seven!) freshmen year roommates in the living room of our Union Square dorm watching the results flow in and getting increasingly depressed. During the 2008 election, I spent it at a party at GenArt in Hell’s Kitchen.

This year, I chose to spend it at CNN’s Times Square set-up for a half-hour, and then ‘Democracy Plaza’ in Rockefeller Center for MSNBC for another half-hour, before deciding to stick with my plans to go see the Morning Joe crew have a sort of roundtable-open forum discussion at the Upper East Side 92nd Street Y (even after a friend was too depressed at the thought of a possible Romney administration to come).

I’ve woken up to Morning Joe every morning before work for the last couple of years and I always appreciate watching it. I also appreciate that Joe Scarborough is a fair Republican. Tonight Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, along with Mike Barnicle, Mark McKinnon, Joe Meacham, and Steven Rattner, had a kind of roundtable/open forum with 300 of their closest Manhattan neighbors. It was a great time, and I think the five Republicans that came out had fun. I caught Mika on her way out and snapped this photo. I think she’s awesome, full of attitude, and obviously my favorite on the show. 

I voted for Obama this morning (duh, please) after only a 45 minute wait at my polling place and then went to work, nervous for tonight. Tonight is close, and Florida is a clusterfuck right now, but so far it’s been a sweeping victory for vaginas and people who are anti-rape every way. If you’re a woman and voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket, I will say plainly that I question what is going on in your head (and I presume that “what” in your head is a “whole lot of nothing”). 

And now, with Ohio being declared in Obama’s favor, Obama has officially won the election.

Good day, Mittens. Have a safe trip back to whichever mansion you’re currently living in, and please fade into the obscurity you deserve.