MLK Jr. Day Antics

I was off from work yesterday. It was so nice. A three day weekend is always nice – even after a nearly two week break. This is how I spent it:

  • Meditated: 15 minutes as soon as I woke up. Namaste. 
  • Yoga: I went down to the SoHo Yogaworks for an advanced Hatha class with one of my favorite teachers who I haven’t taken a class with since December 2013 (she was pregnant and gave birth). It was so, so good to see her. 
  • Lunch: I met up with Ben for lunch and to get something that he let me use his Amazon Prime account to buy. We went to a deli on Thompson, caught up, and then headed to Ground Support (I had a green tea matcha latte with almond milk – SO GOOD).
  • Watched episode two of season four of GIRLS
  • Watched the 1/9 episode of Real Time With Bill Mahr. (It is one of my resolutions to watch it on the regular.) 
  • Watched Batman Returns (Michelle Pfeiffer was great!)
  • Made berry chia seed pudding. Nom.

Maybe not the most productive day off but I relaxed so I’m calling it a win.