Last night I was crazy. I found a way to fit in both a meditation gathering AND a yoga class.

The Be Society was meeting in one of the penthouses in the Mondrian SoHo Hotel on Crosby Street, right around the corner from the SoHo YogaWorks. It was from 6:45-7:45pm. It was awesome. The room was amazing, complete with 180* views of the city (above is one part). The meditation was led by Lodro Rinzler who wrote the book The Buddha Walks Into a Bar and he’s studied buddhism and meditation since he was about 17. There were probably 50 people there, the largest gathering I’ve seen. We all made space and made new friends.

After that I ran over to an hour yoga class at YogaWorks. It was awesome. I didn’t get home til 10, but it was worth it.