Peanut Gallery: Closed

I can be a little critical sometimes and I can also hold unpopular opinions. It was always my policy to just let it rip; people can accept me or not and fuck ‘em. In my mind, this is still my policy. But in practice, with people I don’t know very well (yet) and still have to function amongst, I’m keeping some of my (negative) opinions to myself.

This is the sunset from my roof about a month ago. Just because. 

For instance, the topic of the summer Olympics came up at work and people started talking about the disaster state of Rio and which athletes were “the ones to watch” this year. Immediately in my head I thought, “Really? Who gives a shit about the Olympics? Do people still watch that?” Apparently, they do. I don’t understand why people enjoy it but I won’t attempt to crap all over their parade.

And having been through the dating and relationship circus (long distance, short distance, etc) too many times to count, I almost always have opinions about other people’s shit in that category, too. But I’m no longer adding my $.02. In my mind, people will do what they want to do and they have to get hurt and make their own mistakes to learn. I’ve done long distance (living in two different states) before and it blows. But I’ll keep that to myself instead of grilling my bff about his friend who, at best makes questionable life choices, about who’s moving where and why are they bothering to do transcontinental and this is probably her rebound from her last abusive relationship that she also got into way too quickly and her attempt to have a relationship without actually having one because: long distance, etc. etc. See? Gah. (Don’t worry, neither of them read here or even know this place exists.)

And when people eat shit like Kind Bars and Special K bars and think they’re being healthy? I have to bite my tongue instead of yelling, “basically candy bars.” Same goes for sweet-and-low, stevia, truvia, and basically anything that’s not raw sugar. “Your body doesn’t know how to digest chemicals,” I want to say, but I don’t, because people are still stupidly holding on to the “non fat” trend of the 1990′s. No fat or sugar, you say?! Must be health food. 

I have lots of opinions. I’m not apologizing for them. I’m just going to keep them to myself and my little space on the internet that I reserved to rant and rave. Thanks for listening.


Look, I know.

I know the convention is this week. I know it’s going to be a shitshow and I know Trump is the biggest, most bloated and asinine waste of human life since Hitler. I know all of this and yet I still think I’m going to stay off Facebook while this Cleveland rodeo is burning down everyone’s dreams of sanity. 

My Facebook feed is one meme after another trying to show off how much they hate Trump and how stupid he is. We all already know this. If you don’t, there’s no longer hope for you, as far as I’m concerned and I’m not wasting my precious time concerned with you. I’m not trying to change anyone’s minds. Clinton is super qualified to be president of the United States, but I would’ve rather been given the chance to vote for Bernie. Will I not vote in November? Nah, I’ll go and cast my pointless vote (for Clinton, and pointless because, come on, this is New York) and hope for a better candidate next time around and that we don’t get fucked with a Trump presidency.

I’m taking a break from Gawker, too, because it’s all so negative, just like my Facebook feed. I haven’t been reading Gawker regularly since I restricted my internet access during the day and I haven’t missed anything important. I don’t need updates on the candidates every move. I won’t even pay attention to the Democratic Convention because unless Clinton starts killing kittens, she has my vote.

A quite frankly, I don’t give a shit who can out-hate whom on Trump.