All New Things

I was fortunate enough to be able to buy an apartment and I closed on it two weeks ago and tomorrow I am finally moving in. It was the last apartment that I looked at in late-July (out of probably 50 apartments) and it was about a three month process but it’s done and I am a resident there now. It’s on the border between the Upper West Side and Morningside Heights. It’s a small one bedroom but it’s great and it’s mine. Oh, and it has a roof deck. And it allows pets.

Woot! Time to adopt a cat!

And since moving and starting a new job aren’t enough of a change, I thought I’d throw in “new Macbook Air” too. I haven’t bought a new computer since 2009 and I feel a little guilty as that Macbook is still perfectly fine (if not slow and heavy as a rock). But I found a great deal for an upgraded 2013 Macbook Air on Mac’s refurbished section and went for it. 

I was checking out the specs on my current Macbook to compare. My current Macbook has 250GB of space and 1GB of RAM. The Air has 500GB and 8GB of RAM (a 1.7 processor). 

While I was packing up my walk-in closet I found my college laptop in a case on the floor. It is an IBM and it had all of 32GB of space on it. I’m not sure what to do with it. Ideas? I need a case too. 

It’s so pretty:


Sunday Funday

Today was good. After working on my apartment all day yesterday with my parents, I spent a bunch of hours today packing, punctuated by a trip with Ben down to the New York Indie Film Festival to see “Tom’s Restaurant – a Document About Everything.”

I’ve never watched Seinfeld, but I wanted to see this because I’m moving into an apartment a few blocks away and this was more about the neighborhood than Seinfeld. I enjoyed it, but it was long, and the regulars they interviewed went off on tangents a lot.

Afterwards we went to eat at the actual Tom’s Restaurant on 112th and Broadway (my appetizers were eh, but his burger was really good, and the milkshake was really good too). It was quiet and just a bunch of neighborhood people – with the occasional tourist to take a photo of the outside or the photos inside.

Afterward I showed him my apartment and then I came home to marathon a bunch of Law and Order SVU episodes while packing. Sunday funday, indeed. 

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