Week 1: Done

I can’t believe week 1 of teacher training is over. I was so nervous the night before it started that I barely got any sleep on Sunday and apparently my teacher, Chrissy, didn’t either. I’m sure it was the same for a lot of people. We all sat in a circle and nervously surveyed who else was in the class. By day 4, when we sat in a circle in the studio at the end of the day, Chrissy said something like, “Can you believe how well we’ve all gotten to know each other in just four days?” And it’s true. We really had.

There were pose myths debunked. Super long asanas flowed through. And we learned the secret formula for YogaWorks sequencing. Personally, my mind was blown to find out that our hips are not squared in Trikonasa or Ardha Chandrasana. I was also blown away to find out that there’s a specific method to the madness of YogaWorks’ sequences. From here on out, I’m pretty much going to be keeping an eye on my teacher’s sequences to see if they break any of the rules. I’m annoying like that. We’ve had a ton of anatomy lessons, too. I’m going to really have to work hard to became even the tiniest bit memorized with some of the names.

We’re reading the yoga sutras by Patanjali and they’re so interesting and relevant even in modern times. 

The group of men and women (okay, there are only two men, but that’s okay!) are so incredibly diverse, from all parts of the world, and I’m so happy to be getting to know all of them. 

By Day 4, I was incredibly sore. And after the long asana yesterday, I was even more sore, in addition to exhausted. Today I woke up at the incredibly late hour of 9am and took a bath while doing some anatomy reading and then I stretched and flowed a little. 

And now it’s snowing, so I’m watching the snow out my window while J reads and Playbill sleeps. Happy Saturday!

This Valentine’s Day I did yoga, went grocery shopping, got a pedicure, took a bath, and cooked. It was pretty great.  The day after I went to a post-Valentine’s Day kundalini yoga and meditation workshop at PureHouse in Brooklyn. I’d met the founder, Anne, of TAPIN last April at her “Own Happy” installation that a former colleague was working with her on. She’s totally creative and open and awesome.  

I know, I know. Just pass the granola.

Anyways, it was about 20 of us and we started with a short meditation, then a physical kriya, then much more meditation, and finally some journaling and pouring our hearts out about what we’d like to manifest in the relationships in our life.

After that awesomeness we were all starving and lunch was being made by Jaquy and her partner at Tasty Freedom. Jaquy has dairy and gluten allergies so her food is all gluten and dairy free. I saw so many vegetables that I was expecting to be pretty hungry afterwards. 

Nope. I was so stuffed. Maybe too stuffed. There were baked squash and broccoli, mashed sweet potatoes, baked tofu and mushrooms, beet strings, kale salad, and pickled ginger. It sounds so hippy but it was all SO good. For dessert they had “ice dream” which was dairy (and soy) free ice cream made out of banana, vanilla, ginger, maple syrup, etc. So, so good. 

Afterward we all friended each other on Facebook, duh. I’m quite glad I trekked an hour out to Brooklyn and made some new connections. An perfect way to spend the day after Valentine’s Day. 

So, how many times did you end up seeing Rent?

This was one of the questions asked by a friend from 7th grade that I met up with last night for the first time in *years*. The term “friends” is generous considering we sat next to each other in our honors English class in 7th grade, and then didn’t talk much after that year, even though we had friends in the same social circle. 

We were Facebook friends, and somehow ended up following each other on Instagram, and then I came up with the bright idea that we should meet up. Because why not.

I ended up on Long Island on Saturday night for Mother’s Day and he ended up being on the island too, so we met up for a drink at the local dive bar (the only place in our town opened by 11pm on Saturday nights) and eventually made our way to the local 24-hour diner. We chatted and caught up for three or so hours. The one vivid memory he had of me was that I loved the show Rent. Hah. 

When we got in his car to leave the diner around 2:30, he looked up and said, “Oh I love that picture. I would totally put that on Instagram,” and I told him to do exactly that. He said, “Really? You think I should?” And I did, and he got out and took the above picture that made it’s way online at about 3am. 

It was nice to see an old acquaintance, who will maybe become a new friend. He wants to see my favorite spots in the city, so there’s that. 


I was reminded of my childhood yesterday when I went for a walk on some trails near where I grew up on Long Island. I ate a couple handfuls of these – both red and black – and they were delicious. I can’t for the life of me remember where I would find these berries, but I *think* they were in my parents’ yard.

I went “trailblazing” yesterday with a guy that I’ve known for several months now. We met on OkStupid when he popped up on my homescreen and I saw that he was from a town in my school district (and he was cute, and I didn’t recognize him! Score!). He graduated several years before I did but mentioned that his sisters were the year ahead of me and Did I Know Them? He told me their names and I yelped, “OMG, of course!” We were in the drama club together, and I immediately saw the resemblance (as they all look exactly alike). 

The unfortunate part is that his job keeps him traveling 75% of the year (I won’t go into details, but it’s legal, awesome, and involves a lot of traveling) so dating someone isn’t really possible. He told me this and we kept in touch anyways here and there. We both had very similar personalities – sarcastic and full of bad puns. We found ourselves on Long Island at the same time a couple of months ago and we met up at a local bar and immediately clicked. We talked for a few hours over Blue Moons, played darts, and it was awesome. We saw each other a few weeks later when he happened to be in the city (for work) and we split a couple of bottles of wine and some tasty noshes at The Bourgeois Pig and talked for hours again.

I was on Long Island this weekend for my best friend’s bridal shower and he happened to be as well (on Long Island, but not for a bridal shower). We grabbed a few drinks on Sunday night (this time I let him pick me up, where as the first time we met … hey, I’d never met him – in person – before, I wasn’t getting in his car!) and mentioned hanging out on Monday, so we grabbed lunch down Port, went for a quick tasting at the Port Jeff Brewing Company, went to the trails where the above berries were found (until we realized we were being eaten – literally – by mosquitoes), and to grab gargantuan-sized iced teas at Se-port (don’t ask – it was a thing in our high school that once you got your license, you went here for lunch. You just did).

But this relationship is just a friendship. And that’s fine. Occasionally we kiss, but that’s it. It can’t be anything more, and I keep re-iterating this to him, because we want completely opposite things. He wants, and I quote, “a bunch” of kids and a house in the suburbs near where he (we) grew up, while I’ll never leave New York City and I want as few children as possible (preferably keeping the number zero in mind as a goal). Other than that minor (hah!) conflict, he is absolutely great. Someone I’m close to told me, “Now don’t convince yourself you’re SO IN LOVE with him that you want kids,” no, that’d never happen. And love? Please. That’s not even on the table. For the first time, I think EVER, I’m totally realistic about what this (awesome friendship) is and keep myself in check.

Even though things can’t progress any further, at least I made a new friend. Hopefully we’ll be friends for a while, if only because we enjoy each others company so much. 

But, shit, sometimes the universe works in such frustrating ways, doesn’t it?