Old Times

It’s only my first week at my new job and I’m already loving it. I’m working with awesome people and doing stuff that I love. #startuplife 

Tuesday in particular was the best though, it was really totally like old times at the last start-up that I worked at. I am, once again, working within spitting distance of my friend Ben and there’s a Calexico cart at the end of my block in Madison Square Park. So what’d we do for lunch? We did our thing: meeting up for burritos. Delicious burritos. The best burritos that you can get from a cart in the city, in my opinion.

Later on in the day, the marketing associate, who sits next to me, and the CTO asked about ClubMed (the 5 minute meditation break that I used to lead at my old job). Apparently this really sparked their interest when I mentioned it in my interview a couple of weeks ago. 

So, when 2pm rolled around, we all gathered in the conference room and took a 5-minute pause in our day. It’s a small company – 12 people – and I was shocked, and happy, to see that everyone got in on it.

If I’d have stayed an extra week at my temp gig, I’d be miserable right now. I’m so glad I made the decision to cut it short and start my new journey. 


My Newest Battle

I started a new job this week – which I absolutely adore – and I realized that I have one big problem to combat: perfectionism.

I hate being wrong. I hate responding to a question unless I’m absolutely right, which is not all the time (obviously). I was also told to ask as many questions as I needed to – though I’m really good at this part, because I’d rather ask a question than end up assuming and being wrong (full circle….). 

So I started searching for meditations to combat perfectionism and I’ve also reached out to one of my favorite yoga teachers to get her wisdom on the topic. I haven’t found any meditations yet (feel free to send them to me if you have them!) but I did find this article and this article (both of which I’ve started to read but need to keep reading).

But until then I’m about to start a 40 day regiment of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Meditation to Avoid Freaking Out (here) tomorrow. Also a reminder to myself: let go of my death grip on trying to control everything. 

And breath.