Real Clothes

I don’t know what real clothes look like anymore. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I feel like I’ve forgotten how to put myself together. After spending four weeks in yoga pants, five days a week, and desperately avoiding having to put on clothes other than sweaters or leggings, I now can’t even remember what I used to wear to work on a daily basis. Damn you, yoga teacher training and general laziness.

I’ve had a few interviews in the past two weeks and it’s been a struggle to force jeans onto my legs. And I’ve lost 6 pounds in the past month (yay!), so it’s not that they no longer fit! To quote the poet Cher Horowitz, they’re just “so binding.”

I had an interview today for a temp job in the HR department of a fashion company and when I went out it was a fashion company, my first thought was, “oh shit.” I wasn’t sure how I was going to convince these people that I gave two fucks about fashion when I clearly don’t. I ultimately decided upon a 5+ year old black wrap dress from Old Navy with black boots and a hot pink leather jacket. 

(Let’s not talk about how the recruiter gave me the wrong address for their offices and the offices are actually located an hour+ away from me via subway. In the end, I chose not to go or to reschedule. Because the fashion industry sucks and Whitehall Street is really hella far away.)

How should I rectify the situation? I thought an inventory review of my closet was in order. IS in order. Meaning, I have yet to do it. But I will. Soon enough. After a season of leggings and sweaters, I have no idea what else is left in my closet. Does that happen to anyone else?

Nevertheless, here’s to trying to dress like an actual human being again. 


Old Navy Doesn’t Want Your Kids to Become Artists

Even before I read some of the comments (who echoed the same sentiment), I thought, “JFC, find something real to be outraged with.” I don’t think this sweatshirt is speaking out against the the arts. I think it’s encouraging kids to dream even bigger (and more unrealistically!). I mean, really, isn’t everyone an artist in some way anyways? 

I guess JC Penny just set the bar really low for offensive sweatshirts for me because I find this sweatshirt WAY more offensive. 

My generation is quickly becoming a bunch of whiny bitches who spend their days protesting non-issues. If only they could steer some of that passion into something like a revolution we’d be golden. 

Old Navy Doesn’t Want Your Kids to Become Artists