Old school.

I made mix CDs all through high school (they took SO LONG to burn back then). I made mix CDs for boyfriends. I still have them all. So when I gave a friend at work a CD of my favorite Ted Leo & Rx songs, I was giddy when he gave me his own homemade mix CD. 

It’s currently importing to my Macbook. I’m excited because I can safely say I’ve never heard of any of these songs and artists before. 

I’ve always been a fan of music being an awesome way to bond with people – whether it’s through looking through their iTunes playlist, or giving them a mix CD, or going to a concert together. 


This weekend I’m working on making a portfolio for a job interview that’s coming up and while going through lots of old college stuff, I found this super old set list from a 2004 Ripley the Band gig at The Red Lion.

My friend and I were certainly not 21, being college freshman and all, but we pulled strings where we knew we could (or she did, mostly) and got in to multiple concerts there when we were many, many moons from being of age.