This is Ramin Karimloo.  He portrayed Enjloras in the 25th anniversary concert presentation of Les Miserables on PBS tonight.  He has an unbelievable voice and one of the prettiest faces I’ve ever seen.  He kept my attention tonight because I almost had to turn it off whenever Nick Jonas opened his mouth.  

Patrick Stewart Macbeth to Air on PBS in October

This was an incredible production that I was fortunate enough to see 13 times (I worked there).  I was never so happy to be at a 3 hour show before.  I’m so excited that it’s being shown on PBS, I had no idea they had even filmed it.  Can anyone record this and put it onto a DVD for me?  I will be huddled in my apartment watching this and taking in the production in all of its glory again.

Patrick Stewart Macbeth to Air on PBS in October