My Newest Battle

I started a new job this week – which I absolutely adore – and I realized that I have one big problem to combat: perfectionism.

I hate being wrong. I hate responding to a question unless I’m absolutely right, which is not all the time (obviously). I was also told to ask as many questions as I needed to – though I’m really good at this part, because I’d rather ask a question than end up assuming and being wrong (full circle….). 

So I started searching for meditations to combat perfectionism and I’ve also reached out to one of my favorite yoga teachers to get her wisdom on the topic. I haven’t found any meditations yet (feel free to send them to me if you have them!) but I did find this article and this article (both of which I’ve started to read but need to keep reading).

But until then I’m about to start a 40 day regiment of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Meditation to Avoid Freaking Out (here) tomorrow. Also a reminder to myself: let go of my death grip on trying to control everything. 

And breath.