A really, really, really restful weekend.

I needed this weekend. After seeing a ton of shows these past few weeks, I needed a weekend off from dealing with any plans. J and I went to one of his childhood friend’s weddings on Friday night in Westchester, but we managed to be home by midnight (somehow!). It was a really pretty, simple wedding on the small(ish) side and we both had an awesome time. 

Then a weekend of nothingness commenced. We slept in on Saturday until 10-ish and then ordered in from one of our favorite diners and ate ourselves into semi-hungover oblivion. We spent the rest of the day watching Hush and a couple of episodes of Silicon Valley. And after we went for a painful run (french toast is not a good primer for running, FYI) before stopping off to buy a new kind of wet food at Petco (which my cat will totally not eat and will barely look at it) and eventually ending up at a bar to refuel and watch a basketball game. I started to kind of understand how basketball works but mostly I just watched the guys running back and forth in between bites of my rice bowl.

We slept in again on Sunday (though I admittedly did not sleep in as late, and I used the extra time to write) and made eggs and chicken sausage (and coffee, duh) for breakfast and lounged around for the next few hours. We watched the documentary The True Cost, which is a horrifying expose about the price that the poorest in other countries pay so we can buy a $5 tank top at H&M. Result: I’m halting my long-time obsession with cheap shit at Old Navy and expensive-except-when-on-sale shit at Gap. I’m OK paying more for clothing as long as people aren’t dying to make it. /end rant

We made a plan to meet up at the movies after I went to a yoga class and we saw Captain America. This really should’ve been called “Avengers 3″ as it was not solely about Captain America at all. And it was really long. I enjoyed some parts but watching a bunch of characters that you know won’t be killed off fight gets old really quickly. 

The night ended with Game of Thrones, which I didn’t really pay attention to. When I did look at the screen, it looked like a medieval version of The Walking Dead

I also finally bought a Roomba and although Playbill didn’t know what to make of it, she did enjoy the box and I caught this adorable shot. She totally has Pixar eyes. 


Poverty & Pets

Last week a friend of mine found on the street and rescued a beautiful, elderly (12 year old) cat that she saw on her block one morning. She suspected it belong to people in a ‘problem’ building on her block but found him, took him to the vet with help from the shelter that she knows, and got him help. 

The condition he was in was so, so heart breaking. He was dirty, not fixed (so he was knocking up strays all over the neighborhood), five pounds underweight, had breathing problems (because his humans smoke who-knows-what in their apartment), and had cuts on his face and neck (probably from being outside, not from his humans). He stayed at the vet two nights (getting fixed, getting his shots, leukemia testing, etc) and then my friend took him home for a night to her apartment where she gave him a bath.

Unfortunately, the social worker that came in to help said that since there were no signs of abuse, they technically couldn’t remove the cat from the home just because he was neglected.

What?! If this were a child, neglect would be more than enough reason to remove it from the home. I was absolutely baffled. The humans of this cat have a four year old son, which is even more worrisome. Apparently the cat is a great source of happiness to the child, which would make it heartbreaking to take the cat away.

My friend argued that just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to have pets. I told her we’d have to agree to disagree, because I fully believe that if you have trouble taking care of yourself, don’t bring an animal into the mix and make it suffer, too. I don’t think that is a very unreasonable thing to think. 

I know there are endless cycles of poverty that I don’t know the half of because I’ve never experienced them, but I do know that I’d feel awful having a pet if I couldn’t take care of it properly. If you can’t feed and take your cat to the vet once a year, you shouldn’t be allowed to have it. End of story.

On the flip side, if you’re rich and neglect your pet, you also shouldn’t be allowed to have them either. If you’re going to adopt an animal, make sure you can properly take care of it, otherwise, don’t bother. 

My friend is going to check up on the cat and try to convince his humans that they should give it up, but who knows what’ll happen. I hope the cat is treated better this time though.