Noises Off

I knew Noises Off was a comedy. I remembered when Peter Gallagher was in the last revival in the early 2000′s, but I had no idea how slap-stick it was. I was excited to see this revival because: Tracee Chimo, Rob McClure, and even Megan Hilty. 

The set rotated and was pretty remarkable. Megan Hilty has become an amazing actress since her Wicked days. Rob McClure is better than ever. Tracee Chimo is frumpy and entertaining. The entire cast is ace: you have to be to perform such a cheesy, comedic script.

I started the first act thinking it was going to be one long night of stupidity, but by the end of act 3 (yes, act 3), I could’ve laughed myself to an early death. (Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but you get it.)

The expertly choreographed physical comedy alone is enough of a reason to buy a ticket. 


I handled a survey for the Broadway League the Friday before last at Roundabout’s production of On Twentieth Century. I knew Kristen Chenoweth was in it, I’d heard vaguely that Peter Gallagher was in it, and then I learned Andy Karl was also in it. I also remembered Chenoweth staring in a concert production of this about 15 years ago. In the same role. I was a little skeptical.

A love story that takes place on a train from Chicago to NYC, a hack Broadway producer (Peter Gallagher) is trying to get his former love (Kristen Chenoweth) who’s now a huge movie star to do his next show so it’s a hit. She hates (slash loves) him and her new boyfriend, a vapid costar (played brilliantly by Andy Karl) is constantly at her side. 

On Twentieth Century is ridiculous and I was regretting my decision to see it on a Friday night but even I (a contemporary musical snob) was won over the end of it. If you just let go and have a good time, it is just that.