Playbills For Sale

I have a handful of Playbills that I found while cleaning out some storage in my apartment and I’m selling them to make some extra $$ while I’m doing yoga teacher training. They are as follows…

  • The Cripple of Inishmaan (1x with Daniel Radcliffe!)
  • Hedwig & the Angry Inch (3x OBRC with Neil Patrick Harris)
  • Closer (1x from The Lyric Theatre in London)
  • Chicago (1x Broadway, 2002)
  • Rent (1x Angel Tour, September 2000 at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts)
  • Rent (1x Broadway, January 2000, 1x November 2004)
  • Rent (1x Broadway, 4000th performance with sticker!)
  • Merrily We Roll Along (1x City Center’s Encores – feat. Lin Manuel Miranda!)
  • American Idiot (2x tour in Boston, January 2012)
  • Waiting For Godot (1x Broadway feat. Patrick Stewart, November 2013)
  • Fences (1x Broadway revival feat. Denzel Washington, May 2010)
  • Murder Ballad (1x off-Broadway, June 2013)
  • The Pirate Queen (1x Broadway, April 2007)
  • Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang (1x Broadway, August 2005, 1x April 2005)
  • Evita (1x Broadway Revival, April 2012)
  • The Boy From Oz (1x OBC with Hugh Jackman November 2003)
  • The Crucible (1x 2016 Broadway Revival)
  • AIDA (1x Broadway 2003)

I’m selling these for $10 each, including shipping. Send me a message if you’re interested! 


Random Christmas Present Success

I didn’t ask for much for the holidays this year. I don’t really need much. So, my mother said to me that she had to “improvise” a lot. Well, OK. My dad also came up with something neat – plastic Playbill covers! sells Playbill binders but they only hold 15 or so and they’re a complete rip off. Oh and I’d need about 75 of them to hold all of my Playbills. 

So, I went through one of my four shelves of Playbills last night and put the first 100 in plastic holders. Lots of good memories to be relived. Apparently I met Carrie Fischer (top right corner) in addition to having met Mark Hamill years ago!

Going forward, I might put all of my Playbills in alphabetical order. It is going to be a pain in the ass but it might make it easier to find things in the future. Perhaps. How do you guys store your Playbills? 

And lastly (yes, I promise!), a few of my favorite off-Broadway Playbills.  Looking through my collection, I was really proud of all the random stuff I’ve seen (L-R):

  • SLUT! the Musical: This musical was hilarious and starred Andy Karl and Mary Faber (before she was an Idiot).  
  • The Overwhelmed – at Roundabout which starred Michael Stahl-David, who later went on to star in Cloverfield.  
  • suBurbia – the revival at Second Stage which starred Kieran Culkin (as well as Michael Esper – though I totally don’t remember him in it!), and a bunch of extremely talented 20 something actors.
  • The Atheist – I went to see this solely because Chris Pine was starring.  It was a one man show and I thought he did a fantastic job.  
  • Spring Awakening – off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theatre Company in 2006.  We sat onstage and it was well, interesting to say the least.  I didn’t love it after the first act (I hated the microphones) but I got more into it in the second act.  Off-Broadway, John Gallagher Jr. made his entrance by popping out of the seat that was right next to my friend’s seat.  We both screamed when he popped up!
  • Distracted – starring Cynthia Nixon at Roundabout.  This was a play about a mother who battles with whether or not she should be medicating her child after he is diagnosed with ADD.  Nixon is a truly fantastic actress onstage and on-screen.
  • After Ashley – my first play at the Vineyard about the exploitation of tragedy in the 21st century, starring Dennis Hopper, Kieran Culkin, and Anna Paquin.  
  • Some Americans Abroad – about a school group abroad in London.  I went to see it solely because Anthony Rapp was in it.  
  • Walmartopia – I included this because it remains the ONLY show I’ve ever walked out of during intermission.  It was just that bad.  
  • Next to Normal at Second Stage.  To say the show was in shambles and way too long is an understatement.  The second act felt like it was 3 hours long.  It had some good moments but they definitely cleaned it up for the better.
  • Port Authority at Atlantic Theatre Company that starred John Gallagher Jr., Brian Darcy James, and Jim Norton.  It was… interesting.  I could’ve used a second viewing.  
  • Stuff Happens at the Public Theatre.  This was a play written by David O’Hare about the events after 9/11 that lead to the Iraq War.  The title comes from when Dick Cheney was quoted as saying “stuff happens!” in response to a question about a tragedy happening.  I loved this.  

A few of my favorites from the Broadway side (L-R):

  • Don Giovanni at the MET (technically not Broadway, but close-enough) 
  • Opening night Playbill from Spring Awakening
  • Color Playbill from previews of Titanic – classic!
  • The Little Dog Laughed – one of the most under-appreciated plays to ever grace Broadway, in my opinion.
  • Passing Strange – another kick-ass show that lost the 2008 TONY Award to In the Heights.
  • Color Playbill from the first time I saw Rent in June 1998.
  • Macbeth – starring Patrick Stewart in 2008.  I worked at this theatre so I was lucky enough to see this production 13 times (for free) and I loved every single second of it.  Totally should’ve won Best Revival.  
  • Sunset Boulevard – This was my 3rd Broadway show in 1995.  Alice Ripley was Betty Schaefer.  
  •  CATS – my first ever Playbill from 1993.  
  • Opening night of Chitty Chitty, Band Bang in 2005.  It was the first show I ever worked at, and despite how truly unbearable this show may have been, I still enjoyed watching it during every. single. preview.
  • My closing night Playbill from Rent.  One of the most memorable nights I’ve ever had in the Nederlander.