Not So Bad

I think everyone I knew, who hadn’t been at work for the last 1-2 weeks, was dreading this morning. I stopped at Gasoline Alley on my way into the office to pick up a mocha for extra energy and settled in. The morning flew by and I ordered lunch (Thai!) and before I knew it, it was 6pm. I was at the office until 6:30pm, but the day flew.

I wasn’t actually dreading work [I love my job – my colleagues and I greeted each other with hugs and wishes for happy new years this morning], I think I was simply dreading having to put on presentable clothing and be in one place other than my couch or bed for 8-10 hours. It was like coming back after a school break – everything was new again. We all had so much to talk about. It was nice. 

I’m really looking forward to the quickly approaching polar vortex though. It’s an excuse to dress almost-in-pajamas but not really (sweaters and leggings and boots, oh my). And any excuse to stay indoors and re-organize my apartment or clean out my closets is fine by me.

Also gives me more time to meditate and read. Stay warm! x