I realize now that I’m too late to give any extra much-deserved recognition to The Civlllian’s thought-provoking and entertaining musical “Pretty Filthy,” but here’s hoping it comes back. I knew it was about porn but I didn’t realize it was a docu-drama about porn. The Civillian’s went to California and interviewed many a porn star, director, talent agent, aspiring porn star, etc and made this really fantastic musical. 

They followed one aspiring porn star’s career in particular, Becky (pictured above), from her move from East Jesus Nowhere to LA, to her getting an agent, to her first girl-on-girl scene, to her boyfriend getting into the business. 

Pretty Filthy makes you think long and hard about porn stars and their motivations for why they’re doing what they’re doing. Becky just wanted to make people happy. Georgina, an older porn star, talks about how different porn is today from yesterday. She’s capitalizing on the MILF craze. She also asks, “If porn is exploiting women, then we’re also insinuating that women don’t enjoy sex.” Wow, mind = blow. What a good point.

The cast was extraordinary, the music was catchy and fun, and I hope this little show comes back because I could see it doing well at the Barrow Street Theatre or the New World Stages.