New York is Baltimore and Baltimore is New York.

When I read on OWS’s Facebook page that there was a rally at 6pm tonight in solidarity with Baltimore, I was totally there. I couldn’t be there for long because I had therapy on the UES at 7pm, but I hung around, chanted, chatted, lent my energy, and took this photo from the second floor of Barnes & Nobles before leaving. 

The protest was mainly contained in the area near 17th Street but for some reason the NYPD had corralled the ENTIRETY of the park. Talk about fire hazard. (NYPD, I’m sure your guys could’ve been used much better, say, in Bed Stuy, where someone was probably getting stabbed.)

I so, so wish I could be with the protesters in Times Square right now, but hey, mental health maintenance is important too. I’m staying glued to the StopMotionSolo Live Stream and occasionally checking in on the MSNBC live stream (ya know, just incase they report actual news).


Why and How to Protest (and Rightfully Screw) the MTA Over the 2015 Fare Hike

I’m lucky enough to be able to afford this hike but many can’t. I do sometimes anyway but we should ALL start doing this as a form of non-violent protest to the MTA. Go fuck yourselves, MTA. My Metrocard was $56 when I moved here ten years ago. With your $2 billion surprise surplus from a couple of years ago, lets get it back down in that area. 

Give away your swipes!

Why and How to Protest (and Rightfully Screw) the MTA Over the 2015 Fare Hike