A Laidback Easter

Since my brother wasn’t going to be home from school and most of my mother’s family is scattered now, my parents weren’t really doing Easter this year. I was okay with this as I’m seeing them next weekend for brunch for my birthday and my friend and her husband were throwing a Jesus-Free Brunch in their midtown apartment.

After a quick run & power walk at the gym, I showered and grabbed what is my favorite new coffee drink, Hungarian coffee, from The Hungarian Pastry Shop. This is a typical coffee with almond extract and whipped cream. I sat outside and read. It was gorgeous.

My friend’s brunch was awesome, tasty, with lots of amazing company. After we ate, her husband hid Easter eggs on their terrace (the building’s terrace, so it was a big space) and surprisingly it was kind of fun to race around and find them. They have quite the sense of humor so in some of the eggs were condoms and Easter-y notes.

After a yoga class, I’m home watching the rest of Bill Maher’s Religulous. The only and perfect way to end any holiday. 

For more festive ways to celebrate the last hours of this holiday, you can read about the Pagan roots of Easter here. And incase you’ve watched “Going Clear” recently (the documentary about Scientology) and find yourself saying, “that’s insane!!” you should probably read this article by Neil deGrasse Tyson where he makes a completely rational comparison when he says that you can’t laugh at Scientology if you believe in the Christian story of Jesus


Church plans Quran-burning event

Americans (at least these Americans) have hit an all-time LOW.   I have probably said at one time or another that I wouldn’t mind the insertion of all religious texts into a vault buried 100,000 miles below the ground, but you see the difference is, I’m not discriminating against one religion.  To me, all religions are created equally: they’re all based on stories that have about as much credibility as Beauty and the Beast.  

Republicans aren’t condemning it either; I’m not surprised by that though.  In fact some are even comparing burning the Quran to building a Muslim community center!  Bitch, please.

Church plans Quran-burning event

This is the Mount of Olive. A lot of orthodox jews want to be buried here because they believe when the messiah comes, he will raise them from the dead and march them through that golden gate and onto the temple mount, which is why the muslims have walled up the gate. better to keep out the jewish messiah and his kosher zombies from getting in, although you’d think that if you had the power to raise the dead, you’d have the power to jump a fence.

Bill Maher, Religulous


For the first time in a long time last night I was offended, and a bit pissed off.  If you know me, you know that almost nothing offends me.

I met up for drinks with a friend last night who I hadn’t seen since our one date back in February or March (we both for the life of us can’t remember which month exactly).  We’d gone on one date, had a good time, and then he admitted to me that he wasn’t ready to date and that he was severely fucked up from his last relationship of two years – which had ended the week prior (I guess I have really bad timing?).  I was upset at this conclusion but thought, hey, at least he was honest with me and didn’t just fall off the face of the planet (like uh, someone who I won’t name).  I wasn’t mad at him, though I honestly believed that if I was “the one”* for him, timing would not have mattered.  I told him this last night and he disagreed.  He insisted that it was his messed up state-of-mind due his last relationship and nothing else.  I said we’ll agree to disagree.

But we’d stayed in touch now-and-then via email since the winter and we made plans recently to get drinks last night at Prohibition on the UWS.  The bartender there is super nice and it’s actually a really cool laid-back bar.  This “drinks-getting” was not a date at ALL.  This was just two people who happened to have gone on a date months ago catching up.  Somehow we got onto the topic of our date and why it didn’t work out and his state-of-mind, etc.  He then also added that he couldn’t have gotten serious with me because his mother really wants him to marry a Jewish girl.  I’m only a half-Jew (a McJew – an Irish Jew, as my mother calls my brother and I), and one who pretty detests religion altogether.  He admitted what a stupid reason this was, but he really felt he owed his parents.  I was stunned; this had never been said to me before.  I was really offended and really saddened for him that he could be so foolish (and I feel awful saying that because he really is a great person, one that I could’ve seen myself dating).  It’s your relationship, not your parents’ relationship.  So, now, I’m just extremely confused as to how someone could be manipulated in such a way by their parents.  But like, I said, he is a really, extremely great guy – funny, smart, sweet, cute, good job, etc. – so I wish him all of the best, of course.  We’re going to stay friends, though not for the possiblity of anything else – I’m not pulling a Charlotte York.  This McJew converts for no one.

We can just file this under: “another reason why religion is a big waste of time and all religious texts should be burned and forgotten about.”

*I don’t believe in “the one.”  I believe there are many “ones” for each person.

Senator Goes Face to Face with Dissent

Can somone explain to me why is Craig Anthony Miller shoving a bible in Senator Arlen Specters’ face?  WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT MENTION HEALTHCARE?? For f*ckssake people, the bible is not the answer for everything.  Hell, the bible is not the answer to anything.  It’s a book of myths, fables, that’s all.  If someone shoved a bible in my face to make a case, I’d take out a match and torch that hell-causing piece of literature.  Another example as to why religion is counterproductive and bad.

Senator Goes Face to Face with Dissent

An 8 year old girl in Pheonix gets gang raped and her parents (liberian?) feel that she has shamed the family.


this is horrible!

I think religion is most likely the reason why her family felt “shamed” – shame is a huge aspect of religion, after all.  Another strike against religion! (Like it needed it!)

An 8 year old girl in Pheonix gets gang raped and her parents (liberian?) feel that she has shamed the family.

Purpose.  It’s that little flame that’s lights a fire underneath your ass!” – Avenue Q

I have to admit that I don’t really believe in “purposes” and all that bullshit – part of the reason why I don’t like religion.  This is the next book on my reading list, A New Earth.  My cousin told me about it in an email yesterday when I told her I was reading The Power of Now currently, which although inspiring, is a bitch to get through.  She said this one is easier to read.  The books estimated time of delivery is Friday afternoon but I won’t be able to start reading it until I get back from Philadelphia on Sunday.  Boo.