I saw the Twelfth Night’s companion yesterday, Richard III. I had no idea what it was about except that it was about a king that murdered people. 

As with Twelfth Night, the company acted through the three hour drama exquisitely.  Mark Rylance stole the show again, duh, followed by the lovely Samuel Barnett (at least in my opinion). 

I preferred Twelfth Night to Richard III, but I think that’s only because I was more familiar with that story.

Both pieces are beautiful examples of Shakespeare’s texts when they’re performed with integrity and as they’d been performed when they were originally written. And I’m incredibly glad I saw them both. 

My credit card hates me after this weekend. There’s so much Shakespeare on Broadway this season and also two fantastic actors playing in two very absurd comedies. 

Well, I picked up the (super) cheap seats to see Mark Rylance (among others) rock some Shakespeare in January and then my credit came out again to buy (again, cheap!) tickets with a friend to see Waiting for Godot. Patrick Stewart won’t disappoint, and I’m pretty sure, from what I hear, that Ian McKellen won’t either.

In my life there are certain things worth paying for: great theatre and Green Day concerts (among other things). These fall into the former and I couldn’t be more excited.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare: Four Productions Play Broadway Simultaneously – Playbill.com

So this article was published on Playbill a few days ago and I got so excited. I knew they were was a LOT of Shakespeare on Broadway nowadays, and I love the bard, so that’s A-OK by me.

I like to see anything Mark Rylance is in (because he’s amazing) so I’m making Twelfth Night the next to cross off my list. 

Brush Up Your Shakespeare: Four Productions Play Broadway Simultaneously – Playbill.com