Noises Off

I knew Noises Off was a comedy. I remembered when Peter Gallagher was in the last revival in the early 2000′s, but I had no idea how slap-stick it was. I was excited to see this revival because: Tracee Chimo, Rob McClure, and even Megan Hilty. 

The set rotated and was pretty remarkable. Megan Hilty has become an amazing actress since her Wicked days. Rob McClure is better than ever. Tracee Chimo is frumpy and entertaining. The entire cast is ace: you have to be to perform such a cheesy, comedic script.

I started the first act thinking it was going to be one long night of stupidity, but by the end of act 3 (yes, act 3), I could’ve laughed myself to an early death. (Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but you get it.)

The expertly choreographed physical comedy alone is enough of a reason to buy a ticket. 


That’s me deep in conversation with world-famous playwright Henrik Ibsen outside his apartment in Oslo, Norway. And since I know you’re all (not) dying to know what I’m dying to see during the Broadway season that started (in September), here goes:

Hamilton: No, I haven’t run to see it yet. Lin-Manuel Miranda is fine and dandy, but I’m not a super-fan of his. I’ll see it at some point. It’s not going anywhere. I’m sure it’s great.

The Crucible: Classic Arthur Miller with Ciaran Hinds, Jim Norton, and Tavi Gevinson? Sigh me up.

Fool For Love: I love both Nina Arianda and Sam Rockwell so I’m THERE. I’ll be buying 30-under-30 tickets as soon as I can drag my lazy butt to the box office.

Long Day’s Journey Into Night: YES, YES, YES. I’ve never seen this staged professionally but I worked on it in college and it’s Eugene O’Neil and it’s great. And there’s John Gallagher Jr.! What’s not to be excited about?

Noises Off: Two words: Tracee Chimo. Enough said. Oh, and Rob McClure.

School of Rock: This could be a good adaptation or it could be awful. I hope it’s good. 

She Loves You: I’ve never seen this show or heard the score so I’m very interested. And the cast is great: Laura Benanti, Zachary Levi, Gavin Creel, etc?

Tuck Everlasting: I’ve never seen this movie but it has an awesome cast. Terrance Mann back on Broadway!

A View From the Bridge: More Arthur Miller! I missed the last production, so maybe I’ll actually make it to this one.

Waitress: So, four new musicals on Broadway this season? I’ve heard lots of hype but really, um, maybe? I’ve never seen the movie, but the plot sounds basic. Jessie Mueller is awesome, soo… maybe? I don’t have much of an opinion on this. But if I get a free or cheap ticket, I’d totally go. 

I was invited to see Honeymoon in Vegas last night week and I was hesitant. I’d heard LOTS of mixed things, so my expectations were leveled out. I hadn’t seen the movie but I knew sort-of what it was about. I always love being in the Nederlander Theatre, so my friend and I settled into and readied ourselves. 

The show is all cheese. 100%. It’s fun, glittery cheese with a fun score though and a great cast. I mean, who knew Tony Danza could sing and tap dance?! Not I. I felt like Nancy Opel was great, but mostly wasted. Rob McClure, of Chaplin fame, was fantastic and adorable and Brynn O’Malley was whimsical and amazing. 

This is one of those shows where you see the price of your ticket onstage. Lots of big sets, projections, expensive costumes, and fancy lighting. It could’ve been a tad shorter (the first act especially) but it was fun. It was mindless fun. 

Now I kind of want to take a trip to Vegas. 


Yesterday was the annual post-holiday/new year Broadway death-spree. No, seriously. Almost a half-dozen shows closed. Chaplin, Grace, Dead Accounts, Elf, and War Horse all closed yesterday. 

I still didn’t make it to see Elf this year – but I’m not too sad about it. I am sad I didn’t get to see Dead Accounts because: Norbert Leo Butz. That’s why.

A friend of mine invited me to see Chaplin last Thursday, so I got to see it once more before it closed. I honestly enjoyed that show. I’m not sure how it got such a bad wrap, but that was unfortunate. I hope Rob McClure gets at least a TONY nomination. Grace was meh. And War Horse was just an incredible theatrical experience, but it was Lincoln Center so that couldn’t last forever. 

So as these shows fade (some unfortunately) from our memory, we look ahead to the rest of the 2012-2013 Broadway season. Fingers crossed that it’s more eventful than the fall.

A week ago I caught a performance of the new musical Chaplin. A musical about a silent film star? You don’t say… 

I knew nothing about Charlie Chaplin’s life but I loved learning about it (now I’m wondering how historically accurate it is, but I digress!). The choreography was lovely, the music melodic, and the cast (featuring Rob McClure in the title role – I smell a TONY nod, as well as seasoned theatre veteran Christiane Noll as his mother) was spirited and entertaining. 

Well, I’d heard good and bad things about it, probably more bad. But lo and behold, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Overall it was probably thirty minutes too long, but it was still enjoyable. The producers announced last week that they were extending into June, much to everyone’s surprise, so if you’re a film person, or a history person, or just looking to have a good time, Chaplin might be the show for you.